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How to Prevent Hair Breakage

Bidisha Mukherjee
Go through this information to know about some effective solutions for prevention of hair breakage.
The main cause for hair breakage is improper hair care that tends to make it brittle and fragile. Excessive combing, frequent use of dyes, styling tools, tend to cause more damage than style the mane. Underlying health disorders and nutritional deficiency can contribute largely to hair fall problems.
Use a protein rich shampoo to nourish the hair. Opt for an intense moisturizing shampoo to retain moisture and improve elasticity. Revitalizing shampoo is a must if you have recently undergone chemical treatments.
Follow this with a round of deep conditioning to keep the moisture in check. Use serums to protect the hair from the harsh sun.
To control hair breakage, minimize the use of styling products that unnecessarily cause drying. Opt for products that have biotin and stay away from those that have high amount of alcohol.

Hot Oil Treatment

It hydrates and revitalizes the scalp and the hair follicles making them strong. Heat some pure virgin olive oil or coconut oil in a bowl and apply it on the entire scalp. Cover your head with a warm towel. Leave it untouched for an hour and then wash off.

Keep your Hair Clean

Shampoo at least twice a week with a mild shampoo. Excessive shampooing will only strip off the natural oils making it dry. Allow the conditioner to seep through the strands for a few minutes before rinsing.

Comb Properly

Comb only when your hair is almost dry, avoid combing when dripping wet to reduce breakage. Do not apply too much of force and ensure you use a wide tooth comb to detangle and brush your hair.

Minimize Use of Chemicals

Do not apply harsh chemicals in the form or dyes, perms, relaxers often. You should keep a gap of 10 weeks in between two chemical treatments.

Avoid Tight Hairstyles

When you tie your hair very tightly, it puts lots of stress on the follicle. Allow the hair to breathe every now and then to keep hair fall in check.
Consume food that is rich in proteins and vitamins. Drink lots of water to flush out toxins from your body. Any existing health problem should be treated properly in order to keep your mane healthy and strong.