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How to Make Your Own Liquid Foundation

Veethi Telang
Somehow, the many beauty products I used on my skin led me to believe that these cosmetic companies are the biggest sadists in the world. No, I don't mean to be offensive (oh, did I sound like I was?), but they really never did good to my skin, and I ended up buying a new (read: more expensive) one, in hope of getting the results the previous one promised. Result? I was hooked to using beauty products - not to look more beautiful, but later on, to hide the blemishes. Doesn't come as a surprise to me if it sounded familiar to you. We're sailors of the same boat, lady.
After a series of disappointments, I subscribed to the 'natural' school of thought, and today, I'm happier, and that is what makes me beautiful. Makes me, me. You know, there's one thing you learn by using natural beauty products over cosmetics - even if they don't give you the expected results, they won't adversely affect your skin, at least. In this article, you'll get acquainted to making your own liquid foundation, with more of nature's blessings, and less of harmful chemicals' afflictions.
A few drops everyday, and you have the same tint, the same glow, the same evened-out skin, this time, naturally (read less expensively too). That said, let's figure out how to make liquid foundation on your own, and bid adieu to those tinted foundations, foundations by skin type, foundation by skin color, foundations by brand name, foundations by this, foundations by that, and foundations by what-not-on-earth. Let's create something that loves your skin to the core. Literally.

Method One

Foundation makeup, if natural, makes for the safest bet, considering the likeliness of cancer and other skin ailments.
You may not like the smell of the foundation you make at home, since, you wouldn't be adding any perfume or fragrance to your homemade foundation, but it will at least keep you away from the harmful chemicals in foundations you get from the market.
So, here go all the things you'll need:
Colored Non-blended Mica (Gold, Beige)
Pigments / Tints
Glass Jar
Mixing Spoon
We'll be making mineral foundation by using colored mica that isn't blended, and tints which will help you get that perfect tone you're looking for your skin color. Note that, you need to select the tint yourself, judging the skin color you own.
Now, grind both the mica colors so that they become powdery, and then, add moisturizer and tints to it in accordance with the amount of mica you've used. A moisturizer that has SPF in it is a better option. Mix them properly until they give a creamy base.
For more natural effects, you can add aloe vera to it, as it is extremely beneficial for the skin. Lastly, store the foundation in a glass jar with the help of the mixing spoon, and use it whenever you want.

Method Two

If getting mica and tints is difficult for you, you could always pick a compact powder from the market, and bring it into use to make the foundation. This method is comparatively easier, and involves the usage of the following:
  • Compact Powder
  • Moisturizer (preferably unscented)
  • Glass Jar
  • Mixing Spoon
  • Plastic Bowl
Put the compact powder into a bowl, and add moisturizer to it in accordance with the amount of compact powder used. Mix it with the mixing spoon. Remember not to put more moisturizer in comparison to the powder as it will no longer be able to give a tint. Again, you can always add a little bit of aloe vera juice to the mixture, and when blended properly, put it all into a glass jar, and use it. This will save you a lot of time and money as this method is a quick and easy one.
These methods are extremely safe if you're looking for a natural, since this type of skin requires extra care and attention. Natural foundations are always a better choice, and more and more women are going for them today. You could always pick various colors of pigments from the market to experiment with your skin, and get different results each time.
It will not only be fun, but will help you understand more about what could look good on your skin. And hey, the best thing is that, it's all safe and you need not worry about the adverse effects of any. Try giving these methods a go, and come back here to share your experience.