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How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Aishwarya Nirmal
Hair growth can get adversely affected due to nutritional deficiency or use of products that contain harsh chemicals. Here are some tips for making your hair grow faster.
It's a known fact that healthy hair is an indicator of good health. Stress, pollution, use of hair products that contain harsh chemicals, poor diet, etc., are some of the contributing factors for hair fall and breakage.
Though the texture of hair depends on genetics, keeping one's hair in a good condition is in your hands. Making a few lifestyle-related changes can certainly help in this regard. However, in case of severe hair loss, one must consult a trichologist who can suggest ways to stimulate hair growth.

Shampoo and Conditioner

To choose hair care products that suit your hair, you need to know your hair type. Using mild and herbal shampoos and conditioners is more beneficial than using the ones with chemicals.
Wash the scalp clean and massage the hair roots for a while. This helps to keep the roots of the hair healthy, which will promote faster hair growth.
Use lukewarm water to wash hair and keep usage of hair dryer to a minimum. Comb wet and curly hair with a wide-toothed comb.

Oil Massage

Massaging the scalp with oil improves blood circulation, thereby stimulating the rate of hair growth. Herbal oils like coconut oil, olive oil, jasmine oil, and almond oil are beneficial. Massaging with the fingertips effectively will help the oil to reach the root of the hair.


A healthy diet is essential in combination with other methods that are implemented for growing hair faster. Hair is mainly made up of proteins, so a regular and balanced supply of proteins keeps the hair healthy and helps them grow faster. Dairy and poultry products are a rich source of proteins. Amino acids are also necessary for protein synthesis.
Peanut butter is a rich source of amino acids and can be included in your diet. However, avoid it completely, if you are allergic to peanuts. A prescribed dosage of vitamin supplements can be used if you want a higher growth rate for your hair.


Exercising will improve the blood circulation of the body, which will further set the body metabolism in order. Stress can have an adverse effect on the rate of hair growth. Thus, it would be best to perform meditation and yoga to minimize stress.
Along with the aforementioned factors, there are few other hair care tips that can be followed for speeding up hair growth.
Split ends that grow on hair may absorb the essential nutrients from hair causing some serious damage. Therefore, it is advised that you trim your hair regularly to avoid split ends. Split ends do not stop hair from growing, but they weaken hair, causing them to break and become thin.
While going out, wrap a scarf around the head and cover your hair in order to avoid hair damage due to pollution and harsh rays of the sun. Avoid washing hair daily, especially if you use chemical-based shampoos. If you wish to wash your hair daily, then choose a mild shampoo.
Also, avoid using heating appliances like irons and curlers on the hair if you want them to grow faster. If you want to color your hair, use moisturizers and conditioners to avoid any harmful after-effects.
Do not fasten your hair too tightly as it puts stress on the roots. Be gentle while brushing hair, as brushing hair vigorously can cause hair to break in the middle, which may result in frizz.
Both men and women who are worried due to hair loss can follow the aforementioned tips. Do consult a trichologist in case of severe hair loss.