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How to Make Thin Hair Look Thicker

Sujata Iyer
To make thin hair look thicker is not as difficult these days, as it was probably two decades ago. There are tons of methods you can adopt to make your mane look fuller and plumper. Check them out.
Regular oiling as a growing child, gives hair enough volume to make anyone go green with envy. People should take thin hair very seriously and use some very effective tips to make thin hair look thicker. Here are some of the secrets:

Right Haircut

Yes, you've probably read it over and over again, but that does not reduce its credibility. Getting the perfect haircut to make fine hair look thicker is an absolute essential when you want to change the way you look and feel about your hair.
For short haired women, a bob haircut works best as it makes hair appear more voluminous. Even messy, shaggy haircuts look good for short hair.
For medium and long haired women, a layered or choppy hairstyle looks very volumizing.

Right Products

Once you've got a flattering haircut to make your thin hair look thicker than it is, it becomes your duty to ensure that your hair gets all the care and nourishment that it requires to maintain its volume.
For instance, use shampoos that are made especially for thin hair and which help to thicken the hair.
Also, when you buy conditioners and serums, make sure they are volumizing ones. While conditioning your hair, condition only the ends, else the hair appears limp and flat.

Right Diet

In addition to the external steps that you take to ensure that your hair looks thicker, you must follow a diet that is favorable to the hair. For instance, curry leaves are known to be an amazing ingredient to make the hair thicker.
Fish, oysters, flax seeds, carrots, eggs, green leafy vegetables, beans, nuts, etc. are other foods that will help you to grow thicker hair from the roots. So, include as many of them as you can in your daily diet, to have lustrous, thick hair.

Right Tips and Tricks

The right diet can take some time to work. Until then, you can rely on some simple tips and tricks to make your thin hair look thick. Here they are:
♠ When you blow dry your hair, turn your hair upside down and then blow dry it. When you dry it inside out, it looks thicker.

♠ The more you brush your hair, the thicker it appears. But don't brush it constantly to the point of your hair breaking off.
♠ You can also try some volumizing hairstyles like a high ponytail, by flipping the hair down and then gathering and tying it. Avoid braids like the plague!
♠ You can get temporary curls or perms to add volume to your hair.
♠ You can also hide some embarrassing spots on your scalp by using colored products meant for it.
♠ Also, highlights and lowlights help to camouflage thin hair and make them look thicker.
♠ Another thing you can do is tie your hair in a tight bun for about half an hour when it is wet, and then open the bun. Your hair will have a scrunched effect and will look thicker.
Well, there you have it. A perfect guide to how you can give your mane a makeover and make it look bouncy and wholesome. They're very easy aren't they? In fact, you already know most of them. Well then, what are you waiting for? Go get gorgeous!