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How to Make the Most of Your Eyelashes

Mia Morales
Every morning before you leave for work, you probably apply makeup. Many people find that makeup helps them to feel more confident or professional, particularly if they are insecure about their appearance. Follow these tips to make sure that your eyelashes complement your eyes and draw attention to your natural beauty.

Put on Mascara

Mascara is applied to your eyelashes using a small round brush. Usually, mascara is the same color as natural lashes. Waxes or oils, pigments and polymer compose this kind of makeup. This treatment makes eyelashes look darker and longer without actually changing them. The product is the equivalent of blush for your eyelashes.
If you have allergies to any chemicals, you should carefully check the ingredients list on a bottle before you purchase it, since eye infections can be painful and serious. Mascara must be applied every day and can make a mess if it runs in the shower or when you cry, unless you have a waterproof bottle.

Get an Eyelash Lift

Sometimes you may not like the look of your lashes. If you want a drastic improvement of your lashes without using fake ones, consider an eyelash lift. This service can be performed by any trained beautician whose salon has a lash lift kit. The multiple-step process heals and refreshes your natural eyelashes with creams before fixing them in place with glue.
This procedure does not harm your eyelashes but does produce a curl that holds for several weeks. You might want to get an eyelash lift done every few weeks, or you might only want one for special occasions. Make sure to budget a few hours at the salon into your schedule if you want one, since the process should not be done except by a trained professional.

Clean Your Eyelashes

Eyelashes are hairs that grow on the rims of your eyes, and just like the hair on your head, they need to be cleaned. Rheum, which is the discharge that your eyes produce in the night and which forms a dry crust on your eyelashes and -lids, must be removed daily to prevent buildups and infections.
When you wash your face, be sure to soap up and rinse your eyelashes as well as your nose and cheeks. If you keep your eyes tightly closed, you won't get soap in them. Some people also like to apply a conditioner to their lashes to promote natural growth. Talk to your beautician about trying out different kinds to find one that does not irritate your eyes.

Brush Your Eyelashes

You might not think that your lashes require brushing. After all, they are so short that no serious knots develop in them when you wash them. However, they can become tangled and get stuck on top of one another. You can buy a small brush intended for eyelashes to keep them separate. Doing so will bring out their natural curl and make them look longer.
Another benefit of brushing your eyelashes is that you will get rid of the loose hairs that might fall out and get caught in your eye—a painful experience that can cause serious problems if you are driving or in the middle of an important meeting. Finally, brushing will help you catch any stray bits of rheum that you missed when washing your face.

Take Care of Your Eyelashes!

Don’t neglect your eyelashes in your daily self-care routine. Use the services available to you to feel as confident as possible in your appearance.