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How to Make a Peel Off Face Mask

Bhakti Satalkar
There is no doubt that the peel off face masks are very expensive. However, once you know the recipe to make a peel off face mask at home, you will not have to spend a large amount on these masks...
With the ever-increasing pollution levels, it is important that we take care of our skin. Face masks come in handy for the same. There are different types of face masks which one can use on the skin. The different masks are scrubs, peel off face masks and the wash off face masks.
In this write up, we will concentrate on peel off face masks. As a general rule, peel off masks are gel based, as they are peeled off once the mask dries off. These masks help in getting rid of dead skin and dirt accumulated on the skin. Other than cleansing purposes, there are other benefits of using peel off masks.
They help in tightening the skin, cleansing the pores and can also be used for removing makeup. One can get rid of whiteheads and blackheads using peel off masks. Before we turn our attention to how to make a peel off face mask, we will read a little about the working of peel off face masks and how and when should they be used.

Info about Peel Off Face Masks

Working of Peel Off Face Masks

When peel off face masks are applied on the skin, they are in a liquid form, which is then allowed to dry on the skin. Once the mask has dried completely, they are peeled off. In the drying process, dead skin, dirt and oil get stuck to the mask and when the mask is peeled off, the dirt comes off. Similarly all the impurities stuck in the pores also come out and renders the skin clean. After the mask has been peeled off, a glowing complexion is revealed.

Using Facial Peel Off Masks

There are many benefits of using peel off masks, however, it is best to use it only once a week. Only if you have oily skin it can be used more, but not more than two to three times a week. Overuse of the mask can cause damage to the skin. The mask should not be left on the skin for more than required amount of time. If the mask is left on the skin for longer than recommended, it can cause harm to the intercellular layer of the skin. As far as possible, a thin layer of the mask should be applied. Only if the prior experience says that you need a thicker layer of peel off mask, then you can apply a thick layer.
Before applying the face mask, follow a cleansing routine. The mask should not be applied to the sensitive area around the eye, also avoid the use of the mask on the eyebrows and hairline. After applying the mask, it is best to not talk and rest completely. This will give the skin some time to rejuvenate. Do not forget to keep a watch if the mask has dried. As soon as the mask has dried, peel off the mask and splash cold water on the skin immediately, to help in tightening the pores on the skin and also to get rid of any residue on the skin.

Choosing the Right Ingredients to Make the Mask

The right ingredients will depend on the skin type. People with dry skin should choose apple juice, as it does not dry out the skin. Other than apple juice, raspberry, papaya, pear, strawberry and peach juices can also be used to make the mask. For oily skin, choose a fruit which will help to restore the natural pH balance of the skin. The best are the citric juices like lemon, oranges, grapefruit, tomato, white grapes, etc. If you have normal skin, then you may choose to combine citric juices with other fruit juices for better effect.

How to Make a Peel Off Mask

Natural Peel Off Mask

If you do not have time, but would want to exfoliate your skin, then the simplest and most natural peel off masks is made using egg. Separate egg white from the yellow and apply the white on your face and leave it to dry. Once it dries off, rinse off your face.

Gelatin Peel off Mask

If you are looking for a facial mask which is exactly similar to the store bought ones, here is the recipe. You will need 1 packet unflavored gelatin and either fruit juice or fresh fruit pieces for the same. If you are going to use fruit pieces, then you will also need a small quantity of water to make the face mask.

Recipe using Fruit Juice

Combine half cup of fruit juice with gelatin in a sauce pan. Heat the mixture over gentle flame, till gelatin dissolves completely. Make sure you stir the mixture continuously. Remove the mixture from the sauce pan into a bowl and place the bowl in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes, till the gelatin is firm, but still is liquid, so that you can apply it on the skin. Once it is set apply the mask on the face and neck and let it dry for about 20 to 25 minutes. After it has dried completely, peel off the mask and rinse your face with cold water and pat dry.

Recipe using Fruit Pieces

Take the fruit pieces, you want to use and make a smooth puree. It should be a smooth paste. Combine gelatin with water and place the saucepan on gentle flame, as you continue to stir the gelatin. After gelatin has dissolved completely, add the fruit paste and continue to stir. Once the paste is well mixed, remove the saucepan from the heat and let it cool. Place the mixture in the refrigerator for 20 to 30 minutes till it is about the set. Apply a thin layer of the mixture on the face and neck. After it dries off completely, peel off the mask and use cold water to wash your face.
You may choose to use water, which has tea bags steeped in it to further enhance the effect of the face mask as well. Other than fruit juices, homemade or store bought fruit nectar can also be used. I hope now you know how to make a peel off face mask. You can make use of these recipes to come up with interesting recipes to make face mask to suit your skin type.