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How to Make Liquid Foundation Look Natural

Komal Bakhru
Using liquid foundation can prove tricky for some, but the secret lies in making it look like there isn't any. Today we'll take a look at how to make liquid foundation look natural.
The base or starting point to the application of flawless looking makeup lies in perfecting the skills involving your foundation. If you know how to do that, and attain that next to perfect look, there's no doubt about the fact that you know how to work wonders with your makeup!
But what about first time foundation users? Now, there's where the real challenge lies. For some it's a problem because they apply too much. For others it's a problem because they apply too little. Either way, foundation is the catchy part, always!
But, there's absolutely nothing to worry about. In order to learn applying liquid foundation perfectly, all it takes is a few tips along with some practice, and you're good to go.

Making Your Liquid Foundation Look Natural

The most common problem when it comes to foundation, irrespective of whether it is liquid or powder, is either getting excess coverage, or very little coverage. But this can be fixed. Here's how it can be taken care of...
♣ You must begin with cleansing your face well. Make sure you use a good facial cleanser to do so. Getting rid of the oil and grime from the face will help the foundation set better too. Once you're done with the cleansing part, depending on your skin type, moisturizing may also be required. For those of you with extremely dry skin, this step must not be skipped at all, especially since using a good moisturizer will help smoothen out the skin.
♣ The next step is using the right shade of foundation. Any mistake while purchasing the base for your makeup could lead to the biggest problem, with regard to the rest of your look. Your choice of foundation applicator will also make a difference. While some people prefer using a brush, others find it more convenient using a sponge applicator. (The latter is a personal preference too).
♣ The step to follow the above mentioned is that of using the right amount of foundation. So, you bought the shade that matches your skin color, but how does it help if you use too much. It is important to remember that with makeup, sometimes, less is more.
Now, by no means does that imply that you use less foundation. What it does however imply is, use just as much as required. If it's a new product that you are using, you may lack surety regarding the coverage offered, but if it's something you've tried in the past, you shouldn't have a problem.
The best thing to do is, start with a small quantity, and then create a build up.
♣ Once you're done working on coverage for the face, make sure you apply foundation on the jawline and neck area too. You wouldn't want that difference to show, would you? Make sure that a certain consistency is maintained throughout the application procedure.
♣ There's no real way to make your foundation darker apart from maybe using bronzer or a darker shade of powder to set it. The best solution though, would definitely be using bronzer. If you are looking to make it lighter, it could be a tad tougher. The best solution would be adding some moisturizer to it. The best thing however, is to buy a color that matches your skin color rather than buying something lighter or darker.
For all you girls out there who aren't yet allowed to use a full face of makeup, we have a solution for that too. Try some natural looking foundation makeup. There are several different companies to choose from when buying foundation.
Right from drug store products, to higher end brands, you will find an array to select from. Along with the right type of foundation, it is of importance to use the right brush too. A good stippling brush should help you out in this case. MAC, Sigma, Benefit Cosmetics, Revlon, Eco Tools, are some of the ones you can choose from.
Just make sure to keep practicing, and questions regarding making liquid foundation look natural will never arise again.