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How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Aparna Jadhav
The most important aim of eye makeup is to accentuate your eyes! Learn how to make your eyes look bigger using the various makeup tips mentioned here!
We use makeup as a medium of highlighting our looks, for e.g., foundation and concealer for fairer and smoother skin, blush for high cheeks, lip colors for glossy lips, and of course, eye makeup for bigger and bolder eyes.
The eyes are the first thing we notice when we look at a person, therefore, presenting them with great makeup is very important. You can do a lot with various types of eye makeup to accentuate the way they look, one of the reasons being, to make them look bigger.
You can also use eye makeup supplies like liners, mascaras, and artificial eye lashes to make them look larger than their original size. This is a typical demand for Asian eyes, as they are naturally small.

Make Your Eyes Look Bigger with Makeup

Small eyes can look bigger, you just have to learn different eye makeup techniques. With tools like thick eyeliner, dark mascara, light eyeshadow and eyelash extensions (optional), you can definitely accentuate the way your eyes look.


▪ One of the main materials used in the process of making your eyes look bigger is your eyeliner. Once you have applied eyeshadow in a soft and pale manner, you can start applying eyeliner in a specific pattern which will give your eyes a bigger look
▪ After the eyeshadow, use an eye pencil to draw a line very close to your top lashes and use a cotton ball to smudge it carefully, to create a thick border. You can use any color, as the border looks very classy when it is colored.
▪ Then apply black or brown eyeliner very close to your bottom eyelashes, from the outer corner proceeding towards the inner.
▪ Once the lower eye-line is ready, apply the liner to the top eyelashes around the colored border, so that your eye makeup goes in the order of eyeshadow, eye pencil, and then eyeliner for the top lashes.
▪ Thicker eyeliners make the eyes look bigger and bolder. You can also try a winged eyeliner for a retro and stylish look.


▪ Mascara can also be a very useful material to accentuate your eyes. Using black mascara is more effective than using transparent or brown mascara, because the color black gives a distinct outline.
▪ With an eyelash curler, curl your lashes, so that the eyes are more visible and distinct. If you have thin eyelashes, you can use artificial ones and then curl and color them. But women are afraid to use artificial eyelashes, as they think they might fall off or look fake, which is not a risk if well put.
▪ Apply one coat of mascara to both the top and bottom lashes. Make sure there are no lumps seen on the lashes at intervals.

Eyebrow Shaping

▪ This step is completely optional and depends on your personal choice if you want to shape your eyebrows.
▪ For those of you who choose this option, you can simply use an eyebrow plucker or tweezers to remove excess hair from the brow.
▪ Making them thin will brighten up the eye makeup, as this is considered to be very effective in making your eyes look bigger.
▪ However, remember that, you should not over pluck your eyebrows as that will make the top of your eyes look barren giving your face a swollen look.
▪ Therefore, make sure you shape them according to your face structure. Once this is done, use an eyebrow pencil to darken them slightly (not needed if you already have thick ones). Also, remember the gap between the two should not be more than an inch to give it a perfect look and use various eye makeup ideas.
With these simple eye makeup tips, surely you have found the right ways of accentuating your eyes with makeup. So, take all the time you need and practice these steps before you get out with the most perfectly done beautiful eyes!