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How to Lose Fat in Your Face

Shalu Bhatti
A fat and chubby face which leads to double chins and puffiness is something that makes you look even more aged than you actually are. Most of the adults around the globe are dealing with this issue and are looking for ways of how to lose the excess facial fat. If you too are looking for the answer, then this story is for you.
They say that your face is the index of your mind. Anything which is going inside your body, be it good or bad, reflects in your face. As a matter of fact, people can judge whether we have gained or lost weight by merely looking at our face. If the face looks narrow, means that someone has been watching over their weight lately.
On the other hand, a bloated or beefed up face clearly indicates that the person has consumed some unhealthy and fattening calories. People who are otherwise fat but have a toned face manage to hide their weight somehow.
On the other hand, there are some people who have moderate weight but have extremely bloated face which makes them look more aged and fat than they actually are. Fat in the rest of the body can be hidden by dressing up smartly, but no such thing can be done to hide the facial fat.
I mean you can't wear clothes on your face to hide your double chin, right? So, what can you do to lose weight in your face? What are the tips that you should follow to have the perfectly toned face? This story discusses all this... and more.

How to Get Rid of Fat in Your Face

Well, there are two scenarios wherein you can have a puffed up face. Firstly, if you have suddenly added on a lot of extra pounds in your body; and secondly, that you may have accumulated facial fat due to some unhealthy postures of your face.
For example, reading books at bedtime while resting your scalp on the head rest can make your chin squeeze your neck and almost touch your chest. This posture can lead to double chins and facial fat. Not only this, your lifestyle, fitness level, smoking and drinking habits and so on, also contribute to how your face appears.
Therefore, if you really want to know how to lose the fat in your face, then you must adopt a healthy and active lifestyle.
For example, if you know that you have put on weight lately which has resulted in the facial fat, then an overall fitness regime would not only tone your body, but also tone up your face. Mentioned below are some effective tips on how you can get a healthy, glowing and completely toned face.

Losing Facial Fat Naturally

There are two ways to lose facial fat, naturally, and unnaturally! I would personally recommend you to do it the natural way, because not only is it more healthy, it has many rewarding benefits in your overall health and fitness.
While speaking of the unnatural ways which involves cosmetic surgeries, liposuction, etc, the effect may be sudden, but it can prove to be really expensive, and you may also tend to gain that weight back again!
Mentioned below are the steps, which if adopted in your daily lifestyle, will surely give you the perfect face and the trimmed jawline that you were looking for.

Join a Fitness Regime

If your additional weight gain is due to laziness, partying, eating out or diving into alcohol, then you are well aware as to why your face has turned from a papaya to a pumpkin! The classic example for the most drastic facial weight I have ever noticed is Mathew Perry!
Did you notice the weight gain, I mean the facial weight gain from season 1 of Friends to the following seasons. I mean sure it was due to some health and drug issues, but see how the facial gain is so noticeable?
So if you know that you haven't been leading a healthy lifestyle, then go ahead and join a fitness regime right away. Do a lot of cardio exercises, run on the treadmill for at least half an hour, go for a morning jog and enroll yourself for a weight training.
Even a simple 40 minutes jogging every morning can show visible results within a week. Not only this, you will end up toning your entire body which will make you look all the more fit, sexy and simply 'wow'!

Keep Your Body Well Hydrated

Drink as much of water as you can all throughout the day. A simple step like this can actually lead to some amazingly noticeable changes in your face. Ideally we should drink at least 2 liters of water everyday, but unfortunately we don't. Do you know how this affects our body?
Well, because the body doesn't get enough water supply, it ends up storing the existing water in the body which leads to water retention. Water retention, in turn makes your body bloat up, including your face. On the other hand, if you drink lots of water, the body doesn't store the water because it can sense that there is enough water supply already.
This makes the body flush out the intoxicants, releasing the excess water, preventing the face and the body from bloating due to water retention.

Say 'NO' to Salt

What is food without salt? Right? But too much of salt leads to many health issues, including facial weight! The standard western food is known for its elevated sodium levels and cholesterol. Not only this, even the ready to eat frozen food that most of us rely on, contains preservatives which has 'unhealthy limits of sodium'.
Have you ever wondered why you feel so thirsty after eating that whole bunch of French fries or burgers. This is because of the salt that is present in those food items, which is another reason behind water retention, which as we know, ends up bloating your body.

Eat Fresh and Healthy Food

Now that you know why you can't eat all the junk food items, you should opt for a much healthy and nourishing meal. The best way to do this would be to eat water! You might raise your eyebrows at this statement but you can also eat water.
Go for fresh fruits like apples, oranges, watermelon, grapefruits and all the possible berries to give a nutritional supply of water and vitamins to your body. Avoid fattening fruits like bananas, mangoes, grapes and so on as they have too much of sugar in them, which again is not healthy.
Also eating vegetables, cooked or raw, which contain a lot of healthy fibers and water can also help in toning not only your facial muscles, but your overall body.

Calcium Promotes Fat Loss

Studies show that eating a moderate amount of calcium per day in your diet actually promotes fat loss all over your body, including your face.
Researchers say that a daily intake of dairy products containing not more than 1200 milligrams per day is actually beneficial in lessening the problems of PMS and water retention. So this one tip is definitely worth a try!

No Drinking, No Smoking

Now that we are talking about eating healthy and living healthy, it is obvious that the next point in line would be practicing healthy habits like no drinking and no smoking. Alcohol is a full on calorie drink that can dehydrate your body heavily and bloat your body to a great extent.
We all know what happens to a man who has a can of beer all the time in his hand, and isn't physically active, you can just look at his protruding paunch and double chins.
As far as smoking is concerned, the nicotine takes away the glow from your face and also makes your face look more aged and sagging. All in all, smoking and liquor is equal to more facial fat and aging.

Facial Exercises also Help

There are many facial exercises that also prove to be helpful to lose the weight on the face. Some people say that they are not useful at all.
However, I, personally feel that if you are performing certain exercises focusing on one or any of the body parts, why would it not affect you? No matter what they say, mentioned below are some basic facial exercises that can help you.
  • Puff your cheeks up by inhaling a lot of air in them. Then try to shift the air from your left cheek to the right cheek while holding your breath.
Once you think you are out of breath, then release the breath and inflate your cheeks with a fresh breath, this time, shifting the air from right to left. Keep on repeating the process from a few minutes to several minutes, at least 5 times in a stretch.
  • Another effective facial exercise to lose weight would be to smile as hard as you can. Have you seen those funny pictures wherein a guy is smiling so wide, that his ears are almost touching the tips of his lips?
That is exactly what you need to do! Try to smile as wide as possible and try keeping your eyes normal. Hold each smile for at least 5-10 seconds and repeat the process at least for a minimum of 5 times.
  • Have you ever seen a fish smiling? If not, then you need to watch yourself do this exercise in front of the mirror. You need to suck in the cheeks inside the hollow space of your face and seal your lips like that of a fish. After that you have to try smiling, making sure that the posture remains the same. Hold on to that position for about 5-10 seconds and repeat four times again.

Losing Facial Fat with Artificial Methods

The ways mentioned above are time-consuming, but naturally healthy ways of losing facial fat. Although, there are some people who would rather go for shortcuts than actually dedicating time and incorporating changes towards a healthy life.
If you too fall under such category, then mentioned below are some 'unnatural' ways of letting go of that unwanted big fatty face. We shall also be enlisting some delusional tips that can help your face hide its real mass and present a much toned and lean face.

Cosmetic Surgery

This is like the ultimate shortcut of all time, if you have the money to spare! You can go for a cosmetic surgery which has become all the more famous after being recommended by some of the big Hollywood celebrities... should I name a few?!
Anyway, the effects can be good, bad, and satisfactory based on the amount of money you have to donate for this noble cause. If this sounds good enough for you, go ahead!


Again, requires money, a good bunch of those green notes; and a small incision that sucks away all the unwanted fat in the face, or the overall body for that matter! You can get rid of many problems this way, get rid of the double chin, get more toned cheeks... and just the perfect jawline!

Slimming Make-Up Tips

Some intelligent and well thought foundation strokes on your face can create a deceiving camouflage to hide the fat behind your face.
Adding a blended blush in your face, starting from your ears to the jawline, along with highlighting your chin with some light tone powder can be very effective in making your protruding double chin disappear, at least to the naked eye!
Also, if you want to make your face look slimmer, then brushing your chin, cheeks and temples with a bronzer, and simultaneously applying highlights using white powder on the forehead, nose and cheeks can also do the trick. You can consult a make-up artist for some additional tips depending on your skin tone and face type.

Get a Camouflaging Hairstyle

If you want to hide your facial weight, then cover it up intelligently and stylishly with some new and trendy haircut. You can go to any professional hair dresser for the purpose. They are well aware of the hairstyles that will suit your face type and will help in shedding the extra pounds from your face... visibly!
There is no shortcut when it comes to losing fat, unless one opts for going under the knife. As I have already mentioned earlier, the natural way is the always healthier way. Don't you think?