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Easy Tricks to Look er

Rujuta Borkar
Bored of being considered 'small' and 'cute' all the time? Well, well, well. We have a solution for you. Let's discuss the ways of how to look older...yes?
It was cute to begin with, people saying, "What! You're 20?! You don't look it at all!" Others piping in, "I wish I looked as young as you do!". But after a while, when you saw that people did not take you seriously because of how young you look, or that your opinions were never counted, it got to you. Bad.
People your age found it difficult to interact with you and it showed. Frustrated and sad, you wondered how to look older so that you could get your due in life. Don't worry, here we'll tell you some great tips and tricks on how to look older. So sit back, relax, and learn.

Looking Older Than You Are ― How

• Wear sophisticated and well-tailored clothing. Use materials that fall in smart cuts― something that will highlight your figure. When you dress in professional clothes, it gives you the tag of being mature and older. Ditch the baggy jeans and loose shirts for good.
• Get a well-defined haircut. Younger people tend to leave their hair natural. So when you get a trendy new cut with a few highlights, you will look older than you are.
• Do a reality check of yourself. Study the way people tend to see you―personality traits and mannerisms.
• Be at ease when talking to people who are older than you. Don't show the discomfort on your face. With time, you'll get more confidence to carry out conversations better.
• Don't be overexcited about things. Act calm in all situations and handle things in a reserved manner.
• Be a good listener. People who listen to others are often considered mature. This is one of the easiest ways to look older.
• Buy the right kind of accessories. If you follow the teenage or young people's trends, you will be considered a part of them. Go in for leather bags and shoes―these instantly make you look more put-together and older.
• Be aware of current news and events. This is usually the case with older people. Thus you being able to hold your own in a conversation concerning these topics will instantly make you look older.
• Care for your skin and learn to maintain it.
• Learn to be mature. Don't act frivolous and let your actions be all over the place. The more dignified and in control you are, the older you look.
• Improve upon your speech. Give up on the slang usage, swearing and liberal use of 'like' 'you know' and 'err'. Learn to speak with confidence and make an effort to use better vocabulary.
• Identify a model that you can emulate. Someone who is around your age group, but looks mature, is the perfect choice to look up to. See how they dress, talk, etc. This will give you a better idea of how you should behave.
• Once you've got all these styles down pat, start out to carve your own individual style.

Look Older With Makeup

Apply Foundation

Foundation gives you a very good base and in totality, helps to carry out the effect of a very polished and complete look. But don't pile on the foundation. Learn to use the right amount so that it looks perfect.

Focus on Eyes

Giving the eyes a dramatic look will help to make you look older. Add a lot of colors to the eye shadow shade, instead of sticking with one. Follow this rule―add the lightest shade just under the brow. This will help to highlight the well-shaped and arched eyebrow.
The slightly darker shade should go near the crease of the eye (next to the nose), and the darkest should be applied on the outer portion of the lid. This will define your eyes and make you look older.

Use Blush

Make use of blush to make contours on the face so that you look older than you are. Contours will lead to a fuller face and that can help you in looking mature. Start off by using a dark shade under the cheekbones so that it gives a feeling of sunken cheeks.
Then blend it with a lighter shade on the apple of the cheeks to make it look prominent.

The Magic of Lipstick

Wearing dark shades of lipstick will make you look older. Lighter shades with gloss or shine are taken as shades and styles that young people experiment with and will go against making you look older.
Always use a lip liner pencil to contour the shape of the lips before applying the lipstick.

Acne Cover up

Acne can lend a very teenage feel to your appearance, therefore covering up acne becomes imperative. Use foundation and a concealer stick to hide the pimple spurt.

Darkening Eyebrows

Dark eyebrows and eyelashes will highlight the eyes and make you look older. Choose a good eye pencil to highlight the eyebrow line and a dark mascara to sweep over the lashes.
Choose an eye pencil color that is only slightly darker than your natural color. On the other hand, you can even use a contrast where the mascara color is concerned.

Nose Tricks

Creating a thinner nose look will help you look older. Take some skin-colored blush or bronzer that is one shade darker than your own skin tone. Brush this on the sides of the nose. Next, take a lighter shade of cover-stick and brush it on the bridge of the nose.

Chin and Matte

Applying a blush or bronzer to the chin will conceal the double chin and give you a more mature look. Also, use matte shades as opposed to shiny and shimmery shades for the same. Follow this for all make up―eye shadow, lipstick, blush and powders, for best results.
So there you go, now you know how to look older and mature. What are you waiting for then? Apply these simple steps, and go wow the world! We promise, no will dare call you young again.