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How to Layer Hair at Home

Smita Pandit
Adding layers to straight, coarse, and wavy hair can give excellent results; provided the right technique is used. Information here will help you give yourself a layered haircut at home.
Layered hairstyles are very much in vogue these days. You can see several Hollywood celebrities and hot models sporting these trendy hairstyles. If you want a makeover, the best way would be to give yourself a trendy choppy layered haircut.
These face framing hairstyles can hide several flaws and flatter all types of face shapes. They create an illusion of volume. Whether your tresses are short, medium, or long, this is one hairstyle that will give you a fresh new look.
If you go to a parlor, the hairstylist will look at the length and the texture of your hair to decide how to layer hair. If you are not too keen on shelling out money, you can even style your hair on your own. Well, it does require a lot of courage, but you are determined to do this, here are a few pointers on how to layer hair at home.

Is a Layered Haircut Right for You?

If you have long or medium hair, you can check out the layered hairstyles with bangs. Wavy hair can be made to look wonderful if layered well. The natural waves become more pronounced by layering. Those who have long hair can certainly experiment a lot.
You can cut shorter layers at the top, with the first layer just below the eye level and leave multiple layers falling at the sides and at the back.
Here's a word of advice; if you have very thin hair, then you must not attempt layering at home. If done incorrectly, the desired effect of adding volume will not be achieved, in fact, your hair might look thinner. Adding layers to very curly hair is also difficult. It would be best to cut your hair when they are wet and stretched.
Adding layers to very curly hair is difficult. It would be best to cut your hair when they are wet and stretched, as the length of curly hair will be much less, when dry.

Styling Your Hair in a Layered Haircut

Basically, layering involves lifting strands of hair from the head at different angles from the hair's natural growth pattern and cutting the hair to a certain length.
In case of an all-over layered cut, strands of hair are lifted at a 90 degree angle, and cut in a uniform length throughout the entire head. Similarly, for a softer, moderate layering, hair can be held at a 45 degree elevation, and cut as per the desired length.
If you are confident that you can cut your hair in a stylish layered hairstyle, follow these instructions:

You must start by shampooing your hair. Use a fine-toothed comb to untangle your hair.
●If your hair has a tendency to get tangled, you can make use of a little leave-in conditioner.
●Run the comb through your hair. Decide what length you want your hair to be.
●Take some time to decide how short the shortest layers should be.
●Now, you need to divide your hair into two portions. To get the desired layered effect, the top layer needs to be cut shorter in length and the layer underneath must be at least three times longer than the top layer.
●Get hold of a sharp pair of hair cutting scissors. You will need to bring the top section in front of your eyes. Look into the mirror and trim it straight across to get the layered effect.
●Flip the hair over and place the tip of the scissors at a slant and trim the hair ends for softer layers. For long layered haircuts, cutting the first layer below the ear level would be a good idea.
●You must also comb the sides of the top layer and slide small sections of hair at a diagonal between your fingers and cut the ends so as to add softer layers on the sides.
●For short layered hairstyles, you can use hair clips to determine the desired length. Keeping the first layer just below the eye level would be a good idea.
●Comb outwards the small sections of the top of your hair to the desired length and cut layers by holding the scissors in a vertical direction. This will add volume to the crown area. Repeat this till the layers are cut at uniform length.
●Medium layered haircuts are also popular these days. You can keep the top layer just below the ear and use bangs to add style to your haircut.
●If you are looking for instructions on layering hair extensions, follow the same method. Wet your hair extensions and add layers by cutting softer layers at the desired length. Make sure that you cut the layers at a uniform length.
Now that you know how to layer hair, you can give yourself a great layered haircut, provided you have full confidence that you can do it properly. If you are even a little bit anxious about cutting your hair on your own, get it done from a hairstylist. After all, a hairstyle gone wrong will leave you feeling frustrated.