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How to Layer Cut Your Own Hair

Kalpana Kumari
Layered cuts go very well with oval, round, and oblong face shapes. This article explains how to cut your hair in perfect layers, at the convenience of your homes.
Layering creates depth and makes you look cleaner. While you may get a layer haircut on your hair done anytime from a hair dresser, you may have to spend quite a large sum of money on it. To add to it, you may not find a hair dresser every time you need one.
Suppose, you wish to attend some grand occasion, and you decide to style your hair in layers, then you may not be able to avail a hair stylist's service when required. The best way is to learn and master the art of layer cutting your hair on your own. This may seem a bit difficult to do with expertise but it is not impossible to learn how to layer hair at home. You may at least give it a shot.

Ways to Layer Cut your Own Hair

The first step is to collect all the materials required for it. They include sharp scissors, a comb, shampoo, conditioner and mounted mirror. Begin with washing your hair with a suitable shampoo. Apply the required amount of conditioner. Do consider doing this step as conditioner makes it easy to comb wet hair.
Alternatively, you may use a leave-in conditioner to get the same effect. When done with the given steps, towel dry your hair. Now, comb your hair as straight as is possible for you.
Gather all the hair strands at the top of your head. Your hair should be in the form of pony-tail held at the uppermost point on your scalp. You may meet the given purpose by bending over. You need to be precise about this particular step to acquire proper medium layered haircut.
You are supposed to collect your hair right at the middle of the top of your scalp. The point should neither be too far to the front or to the back. You may check the alignment in the mounted mirror. Twist your gathered hair into a spiral. Do it as tightly as you can. This is a great tip to this particular haircut style and ideas. Cut it straight at the desired length. You may keep your hair till chin-length, shoulder-length, or even at the waist-length. The choice is entirely yours. Loose open your hair.
Comb it straight with the comb. Twist it again but this time in the opposite direction. Most of your hair should be of uniform length from the top of your scalp. Take the scissor and cut off any stranglers. With this step, you are done with the basic instructions on how to layer cut long hair.
Rinse the conditioner off your hair.Allow your hair to air dry.Comb it to open the knots and style it as you wish to.This is procedure is applicable to both short and long hair.However,the minimum length of hair should be at least till shoulder. So,now that you know how to layer your hair,you can also try how to layer cut your long hair as well as short hair