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How to Keep your Skin Clear and Healthy

Veethi Telang
Are you on the lookout for some effortless tricks to keep your skin clear and healthy? Here we help you enjoy a blemish-free glowing skin, with just a few things to keep in mind.
From now on, look beautiful we shall, but only by means of the miracles of mother Nature, and without breaking the bank. None of us have a clue as to what happened to the tenderness, the glow, and the youthfulness that our skin once had. However, one thing we can tell you right in the beginning, start listening to your skin before it stops listening to you.
With that said, allow me to help you figure out how to keep your skin healthy and clean so that acne does not break out on the very day you have to go for a party, and you do not have to wage a daily battle against the blemishes on your skin with a gamut of foundations and concealers.
A clear and healthy skin will seem a distant reality if you do not maintain personal hygiene. Washing your face at least twice a day, refusing to share towels, protecting your skin from dirt, etc., are some basic measures you need to follow.
In addition, keeping your skin always moisturized, protecting it from the harsh UV rays, and cleansing your it regularly can help you attain that goal of an immaculate skin.
While makeup is definitely a mantra to be followed, experimenting should always be minimal, for less is always more when it comes to cosmetics. The most important ways to keep your skin healthy and glowing go as follows:

Drink: Water, Juices, Herbal Teas

The world diets, and they lose the charm and glow their skin once had. We, on the other hand, gain more and more of it, and lose weight too. How? Let me explain.
Water is your key to an immaculate skin, for it flushes out all the toxins in your body, and renders glow to your face. The more water you drink, the more quickly it works on your skin by keeping it hydrated.
In addition, a glass of fruit juice a day is always an added advantage, because fruits contain vitamins that are highly essential for skin.  Make it a habit to drink a glass of orange or apple juice everyday.
Not to miss, herbal tea is a globally-acknowledged remedy for treating skin disorders, along with helping in cutting down fat too. Replace a cup of normal tea or coffee, with a cup of herbal tea, and start noticing a difference within a week itself.

Eat: Vegetables, Fruits, Anything that is not Junk

You may have tried a gamut of face creams and cosmetic products, however, there is no substitute to the vitamins you get from eating fruits and vegetables. Eating a bowl of fruits on a daily basis will make your skin glow.
On the other hand, including lots of green leafy vegetables can go a long way towards giving you that clear complexion you always wanted. Among foods to eat for clear skin, there is always a mention of cereals. Instead of having a burger in breakfast, go for a bowl of cereal and milk. Even better, team it up with brown bread.
Not only would it help you include vitamins and proteins in your meal, but would also help you shed those extra pounds that make you look unhealthy. As an important clear skin tip, there is one thing to say - stop surviving on junk food. The saturated fats and the oil they have will wash away all your efforts of maintaining a clear and healthy skin.

Apply: Moisturizers, Sunscreens, Massage Oils

Here comes your favorite section, beauty products! Well, to start with, always keep your skin hydrated by applying a moisturizer.
A face moisturizer need not be an expensive one - you could always use natural face moisturizers to hydrate your skin. Skin that is dry most of the time soon loses all its sheen, and automatically looks unhealthy.
What's more, in order to sustain that clarity and glow on your skin, NEVER step out of your house without applying a sunscreen lotion. Experts state that the best way to maintain the health and clarity of your skin is to apply a sunscreen, whether or not you step out in the sun.
It will remove all the tanned and dead cells from your skin, and prevent them from any further damage from the sun. In addition, whenever you get time at home, massage your skin with olive oil or jojoba oil, which will naturally get you a glowing skin by keeping it moisturized, wrinkle-free, and youthful.

Avoid: Cigarettes, Alcohol, Stress

It is high time you gave up on smoking and drinking, for they have toxins that automatically affect healthy blood circulation in your body, leading it to deteriorate.
Excessive smoking will damage your skin cells, create dark-circles under your eyes, and make you look much older than you actually are. Clear, youthful skin will soon be a thing of the past. Needless to mention, alcohol has its own set of effects on skin - acne eruptions being the most common. Forget a healthy skin if you cannot give up on drinking.
Moreover, it is medically proven that stress and depression aggravate every skin problem that you can think of! It makes your body vulnerable to diseases, and undermines your mind, emotions, soul, and also your skin.
The mentioned ways will only give you a nudge in the right direction. It is, eventually, up to you to decide what to give up. A glowing skin or alcohol? As though life is not fraught with enough problems, there is more to add in the name of skin problems.
Jealousy, anger, and frustration come handy. It is a tough world out there, and it just gets tougher. In the meanwhile, stay happy, feel like a supermodel, and experience the beauty within you. Forever. A clear and healthy skin is just a bonus!