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How to Keep Your Hair Straight

Pragya T
Wondering, how to keep your hair straight for longer? Read on, to learn about the stepwise hair grooming instructions to maintain your hair straight all day long...
Straight hair looks sleek, manageable, and is very 'in'. If you wish to sport great-looking sleek hair, but think your wavy or frizzy hair is out of control then with some hair care products you can greatly make your mane more manageable. Here are tips and tricks that will help you keep the hair straight all day long, that will help maintain great-looking straight hair.

Maintaining Straight Hair All Day

Keeping straight hair can be achieved with the help of a combination of many hair care products. Here are the various hair straightening products and tips on how to use them to keep hair straight longer.
➤ If you wish to maintain a good hair texture overall, then regular hot oil massages can help to nourish, strengthen, and condition your hair. Mix coconut or olive oil with few drops of rosemary oil and massage your scalp with it. Then wrap your head with a warm towel, keep the towel for 15 minutes, and then shampoo your hair.
➤ To achieve maximum straightening, use hair straightening shampoos and then wash your hair clean. If you want you can also use a straightening conditioner. Leave it in the hair for two minutes and then wash your hair.
➤ If you don't have a conditioner, then with some natural ingredients you can condition your hair and make them look straight. Prior to shampooing your hair, do this step. Take 3 - 4 tablespoons of mayonnaise and then slowly massage your scalp with it for 5 minutes, and then cover the rest of the hair with mayo and then wash the hair with a straightening shampoo.
➤ Once you are done washing your hair, there are two ways to get straight hair. Either you can blow dry your hair or you can use a straightening iron. Straightening irons have longer lasting effect, so they are recommended.
➤ Use a hair serum, as it will not just keep your hair straight for longer, but also protect it while ironing it. Before straightening your hair, take a hair serum and generously apply it on the hair, covering the entire hair. Keep some hair clips handy. Divide your hair into different sections and secure these sections using the hair clips.
Now take a good quality professional hair straightening flat iron and start straightening the different sections of your hair. A quality professional hair straightening iron is recommended, as the heat penetrates the hair shaft and gives a long-lasting effect.
➤ Once you are done straightening your hair, style your hair in the usual hairstyle you wear. Then use a hairspray. Hairspray will make your hair a little stiff, but will help to keep the hair straight for longer.

Useful Tips

These were the general hair care tips that you can observe to maintain straight hair. However, every time when you are out or traveling it is not possible to follow the above instructions. Here are some easy straightening tips that you can use.
➤ If your hair tends to get frizzy due to humidity, then while going out or swimming apply a generous amount of leave-in-conditioner. This will protect the hair from further damage and the weight of the conditioner will keep the hair straight for longer. Also, you need to keep on frequently shampooing your hair to protect it from humidity.
➤ If you want to maintain hair straight overnight, then use these tips. Before going to bed, apply a little hair serum, and brush your hair down properly. Then tie your hair properly with a silk scarf and go to bed. In the morning again brush your hair properly.
➤ To maintain straight hair when you are out, just keep a small bottle of hair serum or silicon-containing pomade and a hair brush with you. You can go to a restroom, apply a bit of serum, and brush your hair down to make it look sleek again.
➤ After a match or a game, if your hair becomes very frizzy, then just wash them with a straightening shampoo and apply loads of hair serum or leave-in-conditioner and brush them down. This will help to get rid of tangles, frizz, and make the hair look straighter.
These were the various tips that will help you maintain straighter hair when out. So, keep all the hair care products handy to maintain straighter, sleeker-looking hair.