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How to Increase Collagen Naturally

Rujuta Borkar
Collagen prevents the onset of age lines and wrinkles and therefore is something that needs to be looked into. Here, we will take you through certain steps by which one can increase the collagen levels in the body by employing natural means.
You know the influx of all those anti-aging creams and lotions? The reason? People hate to age. And that's putting it mildly. One of the worst things about aging is the change in appearance which is dominated by the setting of lines, wrinkles and the sagging of skin.
Why does all this happen? This is because, as the skin ages, the levels of collagen and elastin deplete, which then results in the skin looking drawn out and saggy. Collagen, along with elastin is the primary reason for why our skin retains its tightness and prevents the onset of wrinkles.
Thus it goes without saying that in order to retain young and supple looking skin that is tight, high levels of collagen is a must. Increasing the levels of collagen can be undertaken in a number of ways and in the following information, we will look through these.

Natural Ways

Collagen is a kind of protein that works in combination with keratin and promotes great skin, hair and nails. A high density of the same will lend elasticity and smoothness to the skin that stands strong and is not plagued with drooping effects and lines all over.
The deal is that collagen is a dense protein and cannot penetrate through the layer of the skin to produce the desired effects. That is why one has to find ways of how to do this naturally.

Reduce the External Effects

First, learn to protect your skin and the reserves of collagen that are already present in the body and that is half the issue solved. One of the main reasons for why our skin loses collagen is because of the harmful effects of the sun.
Excess sun exposure will lead to the depletion of collagen and lead to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Limiting ones exposure to the sun and covering the skin with protective layers of clothes when out into the sun is a must. What is also important is to use sun blocks and sun screen lotions so that the harmful effects of UV and UVB rays can be prevented.
Along with that, following a skin care routine will ensure that the health of the skin be maintained. This includes following a routine of cleansing, toning, moisturizing and exfoliating the face and neck. This gets rid of the impurities and ensures that the skin retains its luster, shine and elasticity.

Eat the Right Kind of Foods

Including the right kind of foods in your diet is the best way to boost the levels of collagen in the body. Particular foods will stimulate the production of collagen and elastin and thereby lead to restoring the lost vigor and vitality of the skin.
What are the kind of foods which will increase the collagen levels in the body? Choose foods that are rich in vitamin C and vitamin K and have a profusion of nutrients like geistein and hyaluronic acid which have been proven to increase the levels of collagen in the body.
The best foods to opt for are green leafy vegetables like spinach, fenugreek, cabbage and asparagus, things made from soy, citrus fruits and beans.


Along with these means, another way in which one can increase the collagen levels in the body is by taking Vitamin C and Vitamin K supplements. Many times, the food that we consume does not provide the required nutrition and therefore there are high chances of developing a deficiency.
Taking supplements ensures that these deficiencies are overcome and there is a boost in the levels of collagen. This then automatically leads to great skin.
While there are several creams and lotions as well as collagen injections that are available, these are all unnatural means of increasing or infusing collagen. This information has focused only on the natural ways by which to increase the collagen in the body.
Now that you know the many ways of increasing collagen levels naturally, you can follow a combination of these means and attack the problem head on. Not only you will be preventing the onset of skin problems like sagging, but if there is the influx of the same, it will be treated effectively as well.