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How to Grow Thicker Hair

Here are some remedies for a thick and lustrous mane.
Bhakti Satalkar
Thick, long, and healthy tresses look very beautiful and are every woman's, as well as man's dream. However, one need not visit the hair salon to get that beautiful mane, as the various chemical treatments on offer there do more harm than good.
Excessive use of heat treatments for styling, blow drying, straightening, perming, etc., take its toll on your tresses and they begin to thin. Although genetics has a role to play in thinning of hair, there are other reasons as well. One can take measures though to avoid this and help the hair grow thicker. Here are some of these remedies one can resort to:


When one observes that he/she is suffering from hair fall and thinning, they generally avoid cutting their hair. This is normally the case with women. But, it is important to cut off damaged hair. If this step is not taken in time, it can cause further damage. Make sure your stylist cuts off the dry and split ends, as they cause damage to the hair shaft.

Head Massage

Regular scalp and head massage helps the hair grow thick naturally. If you are going to use coconut oil, then it is recommended to warm it and then apply on the scalp in circular motions.
Olive oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, bhringaraj oil, etc., can also be used for a head massage. One more tip for making the hair grow faster is to steam the scalp and hair.

Healthy Diet

Nails and hair are the perfect barometer of your health. With the external measures given, it is also important to eat healthy and nutritious food. If you want thicker and healthier hair, it is important to have a well-balanced diet.
Foods like fish, spinach, apricots, meat, bananas, leafy green vegetables, citrus fruits, tomatoes, melon, broccoli, nuts, whole grains, eggs, etc., should be a part of your regular diet.
Iron and zinc can be included in the diet through red meat. Hair is made up of proteins, hence they should be consumed in sufficient quantities for a thicker, longer mane.

Hair Care

It has been noted that people wash their hair either very often or very infrequently, both of which are bad. It is important to keep your tresses clean; however, it does not mean you wash them very often. If your hair is oily, the oil can clog the hair follicles and retard growth.
Excessive washing can dry the hair. Therefore, depending on whether your hair is oily, normal, or dry, you will have to decide the washing schedule for yourself. At the same time, do not forget to give your hair brush a regular wash as well.


If you have suffered from hair loss, there is a possibility that your body lacks the necessary vitamins and minerals. Taking a regular dose of minerals and vitamins for hair loss will prove to be helpful to grow thicker hair.

Hair Care Products

We often pick up different hair care products from the market and end up using those not suitable for our hair type. Talking to the stylist can prove useful here. There are theories about changing hair products often and using the same for an extended period.
One theory says that changing the product frequently will avoid any buildup on the hair and scalp, while another one says that frequently changing hair care products causes damage. Therefore, if a product does suit you, then you may want to continue with it or talk to your hairstylist if any change is required.
Remember that stress can cause hair loss and thinning, so you will have to take measures to de-stress yourself. It is recommended that you do not get worked up about the thickness of your hair until you have a healthy diet and lifestyle in place.