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How to Get Wavy Hair

Pragya T
Wavy hair look sexy and glamorous. Here are instructions on how to style your hair wavy...
The most commonly used method to get permanent waves in hair is perming - using rods and a lot of other hair products the stylist will style you hair wavy.
However, not only does this treatment require you to spend a whole day at the salon, but these treatments are also expensive and use harsh chemicals which can be very damaging to your hair. Hence, using some mild ways to get wavy hair at home is safer, better, faster, and affordable.

Method #1

This is a very simple way for styling your hair wavy. Use these tips if you want to get beach waves. Wash your hair clean with shampoo. Then pat your hair dry with a towel, the hair shouldn't be completely dry, but a little damp. Then apply a curling hair serum or a curling hair mousse on the hair.
You can also use a sea salt spray for this purpose. However, curling hair serum is the least damaging and gives a soft, light texture. So, on wet hair, apply any one of these products and scrunch your hair by holding the hair in your palms and pressing them as if crushing. Leave your hair to dry naturally and you will get sassy beach wavy hair.

Method #2

If you want to get well-defined curls, shampoo your hair and pat them with a towel so that the hair is damp. Now apply a curling hair serum/sea salt spray on one strand of the hair, and twirl it on your index finger, and on medium heat use the dryer to dry this hair strand.
If you want well-defined but soft curls, then loosely twirl the hair around the finger. For tight ringlet curls, twirl the hair in many rounds tightly around the finger. This way work on all the hair strands - applying curling product on a strand, twirling the strand around finger, and drying it.

Method #3

Another way to get curly hair is to use a curling hair iron, for creating medium and long wavy styles. Shampoo your hair and apply hair serum on the hair to protect it from the heat of the iron. Separate your hair into different sections and keep them in place with hair clips.
Then take out one hair section and twirl it around the curling hair iron and switch on the iron, and let it be for few seconds, then take out that section. Repeat this procedure for all the hair sections. Make sure you take extra care while handling a curling iron, it is safer if you take help of a friend while doing this.

Method #4

Another method to get wavy hair overnight is to use hair rollers. Select the appropriate kind of rollers - velcro rollers are good for thick hair, plastic rollers are good for damaged hair, while heated rollers work for fine hair type.
You can use bobby pins to hold slick plastic rollers in place, while heated rollers come with a U-shaped pins and Velcro rollers stay on their own.If you want lots of curls like ringlet curls then go with smallest rollers in the pack, for looser curls which feature body use the largest rollers in the pack.
Then separate damp hair sections with a big tooth comb, and apply hair serum to it, then twist the hair around the roller. This way work on all hair sections. You can wear a net to avoid the curlers from dragging on the pillow. In the morning take out the pins and rollers slowly and carefully and you will have beautiful wavy hair.
So, gather the required hair products, and use the aforementioned tips to style your hair into glamorous waves. All the best!