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How to Get Thicker and Fuller Hair

Saptakee Sengupta
Thick, lustrous, and shiny hair is coveted by almost everyone. However, not all are lucky enough to possess such hair, and therefore one depends on external means to achieve good hair growth. We shall provide you with some tips for improving the density and texture of your hair. Read on....
You can still get a thick and luscious mane even if you are not endowed with it. Improving hair texture is possible with proper care and nourishment. Since hair loss takes place mostly due to weak roots, dandruff, and exposure to pollution, you can protect your hair from these harmful agents with a proper hair care regimen.
However, chances of enhancing growth of hair is almost impossible with natural ways when thin hair is a result of genetic problems, and in such cases, artificial hair transplantation is the sole way out. Here we shall present you with some useful tips on how to get thick and fuller hair.

Getting Thicker and Fuller Hair

Not every woman is blessed with voluminous hair and so, taking care of hair to improve texture and density becomes necessary. Resorting to artificial techniques for making hair dense is not feasible, until it's extremely necessary.
People who have faith in herbal therapies will find these tips beneficial. Basically, the home remedies deal with chalking out a good hair care regimen and following it religiously to derive best results.

Scalp Massage

There are several techniques of scalp massage that you can try easily at home. Massaging the scalp with essential oils improves blood circulation, thereby making the roots strong. Prepare a concoction of almond oil, coconut oil and hibiscus oil, followed by slightly warming the mixture.
Massage your scalp and hair completely with this in gentle strokes. Comb your hair and then wrap your head with a hot towel. Covering your hair with a partially wet warm towel allows maximum seepage of oil into your scalp. Leave the oil overnight and shampoo off next day.
You can also try hot oil massage an hour before cleansing your hair. Castor oil is known for its hair re-growing effects and you can massage your hair regularly with it. Combine it with olive oil for reducing the viscosity.

Hair Masks

One of the best home remedies for thicker and fuller hair is application of hair masks. Although the cosmetic market is flooded with ample varieties of hair masks, you can still depend on pure natural products to achieve the desired results. How? Prepare hair masks at home with ingredients that substantially improves volume of hair.
Soak henna powder in tea overnight. Combine egg white and a few drops of lemon with the henna mix just before applying on hair. Wear the mask for 2 hours and rinse thoroughly in lukewarm water.
The other way round is applying a pack of coconut pulp and shea butter on your hair twice a week for adding thickness to your hair. A hair mask could also be prepared from honey, egg white, hibiscus flower (crushed), onion juice and castor oil for providing complete nourishment to the roots of hair.

Vitamin Therapy

Believe it or not, vitamins can do wonders for your hair. Often people suffer from hair loss due to vitamin deficiency. A group of vitamins that aids in hair growth are pantothenic acid, folic acid, biotin and inositol. These vitamins nourish hair from within, thereby stopping hair loss and promoting hair growth.
Doctors often prescribe intake of specific dosage to men and women suffering from thinning hair. Vitamin therapy is a dermatologically proven technique to get thick hair fast. Along with this, a regular hair massage with vitamin E oil would also pronounce the same effects.

Artificial Techniques

People suffering from premature baldness, resort to hair transplant technique as it's the only way that renders them a complete look. Trying low cost transplants to save money is not at all suggested as it might damage your scalp. So, before getting a hair transplant done, check out reputed hair clinics for this and the benefits promised by them.
Whether you go for Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS), Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or Scalp Reduction, make sure the results last for a long time. There are several chemical hair thickeners available, ensuring regrowth of hair, but before using such products you must take necessary advice from a dermatologist.
Hopefully, your doubts regarding how to get thicker and fuller hair have been cleared. If the damage caused is not severe then home remedies are best. Hair transplantation should be your last choice when all treatments have failed. Lastly, keep your scalp clean by using a good shampoo and comb your hair frequently for regulating blood circulation on scalp.