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How to Get Rid of Sunspots

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
While sunspots can be dealt with skin care products at home, do not indulge in tanning as it causes damage to the skin cells. Go through this story to get information on how to get rid of sunspots effectually.
Sunspots are unsightly spots on the skin that become discolored after being exposed to sun for an extended period. The discolored areas may be lighter or darker than the normal skin tone. All people can have this skin problem, but children and elderly people are more susceptible to sunspots than others.
Usually, they appear after age 50, but those who have lighter skin get them after 40 years. Although these darkened skin spots are also known as liver spots, they are nothing to do with malfunctioning of liver organ.

Tips to Get Rid of Sunspots

Needless to mention, areas that are not covered by clothing are more prone to development of sunspots. Thus, the commonly affected regions are forehead, arms, back of hands, neck, chest and back.
Excessive exposure to harsh sun not only causes these unsightly sunspots or sunburn, but, is also a contributing factor for many other skin disorders, ranging from mild skin dryness to permanent wrinkles and severe skin cancer. Skin treatment approaches to get rid of sunspots are highlighted below.

Prevention is the Best

Whether you are dealing with dry skin or sunspots, preventing them from occurring is the best solution. A simple tip to avoid sunspots and sun damage symptoms is applying skin creams or lotions with sun protection factor (SPF). There are skin products specially formulated for blocking harmful sunrays (UVA and UVB). Put some in your palm, and apply it over areas that are commonly affected with sun damage.

Home Remedies

Lemon juice is mildly acidic and aids in lightening dark sunspots. Wet a clean cotton ball with freshly squeezed juice of lemon, rub it over the sunspots. Repeat it 2-3 times daily, and the spots will fade gradually. Another remedy for getting rid of sunspots is treating them with red onion slices. These skin treatment methods will take somewhere about 1½-2 months for the results to show.

Bleaching Creams

The action of these creams is lightening the skin. For getting rid of sunspots, you can select regular bleaching agents or creams for dark spot. These skin formulations contain active ingredients, basically hydroquinone and other chemicals. However, they may leave your skin dry and itchy after application. For sunspots that feel rough to touch, apply castor oil to moisturize them.

Chemical Peels

For sunspots on the face, you can use chemical peels to get rid of them. Nevertheless, make sure that you conduct a spot test before applying any kind of skin product on your face. People who have sensitive skin may experience side effects after using these products. So, to avoid the same, you can take guidance from a dermatologist regarding safe chemical peels.
An effective method of getting rid of sunspots is none other than laser treatment. This cosmetic procedure should be performed in appropriate lab settings. Depending upon the size and number of discolored skin spots, you need to attend repeated sessions. The main drawback for laser treatment of sunspots is its expensive cost. Also, laser technology is associated with various side effects, which you need to understand before opting for it.
If the sunspots on the body or face become larger with time, consult a dermatologist right away. During the sun spot treatment process, limit exposure to sun. Otherwise, the existing spots will become darker, and most likely, you will get new spots too. Many people admire a well-tanned skin, but exposure to harsh sun is definitely not a good idea. If your objective is hiding those skin flaws, you can opt for safe tanning creams. So, why spoil your natural skin tone, if you can flaunt tanned skin by applying creams!