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How to Get Rid of Puffy Hair

Geeta Dhavale
Puffy hair is not something that looks good on a daily basis, and hence women endowed with natural puffy hair may get annoyed with mundane puffy hair look. If you are also one of them, then read this article as it tells you some ways to tame puffy hair.
Having puffy hair naturally can make women have a bad hair day for a lifetime. Well, there are times when we crave for puffy hair look; as they can enhance the appearance of a person on certain occasions. But it is certainly not the look that women would like to carry every other day. Apart from this, having puffy hair is also a sign of dry and frizzy hair.
Puffy hair is also very difficult to stylize and they generally pose a challenge when it comes to getting a new haircut or a hairdo. Therefore, many women with puffy hair are generally left with limited options when it comes to hair styles. If you are also one of them, then you must read the rest of this story.

Ways to Reduce Puffy Hair

There are various ways to tame puffy hair and make them appear flat, yet bouncy and sober. With the help of simple home remedies and some high quality hair care products it is possible to get rid of puffy hair.
  • Always try to wash your hair with moisturizing shampoo as it helps retain the essential oil in the hair, keeping them soft and manageable. Using strong and chemical filled shampoo will only make your hair more dry and frizzy leading to puffy hair.
  • Along with shampooing, it is also essential to use a hair conditioner to make the hair softer. It is seen that conditioning hair makes them look flatter, as they sober down a bit. You can also go for deep conditioning once a week to keep hair flat for longer.
  • Once you wash your hair, you can apply a little amount of hair oil or leave conditioner in your hair. You must do it before your hair is completely dry, preferably when they are a little damp. The leave in conditioner or hair oil gets absorbed in the hair and help you tame them well.
  • Another way of taming puffy hair is tying them in a pleat. You can first wash your hair, dry them and apply some hair oil or hair moisturizer and pleat them to keep them puff free. A pleat keeps hair in place and oil or moisturizer adds to the softness of the hair.
  • To have flat and tamed hair on the next day there is one quick and effective way. Just tie a loose ponytail before going to bed and the next day you will observe that your hair is less puffy. Keeping your hair loose just adds to the puffiness as your hair moves freely through the night.
  • Oiling hair regularly is one of the best ways to get shiny, healthy, and bouncy hair. If the reason for puffy hair is lack of moisture provided by naturally produced oils in the body, then massaging hair roots and tips with coconut oil or almond oil can help hair become well hydrated. So try to have a head massage with hair oils at least twice a week.
  • If your hair is puffy because they are curly, then only way to tame them is getting them straight. You can go permanent straightening or temporary straightening as per your wish. But remember that your hair will look plain straight. But if you do not want the straight look, you can again use curlers or scrunches to make them wavy and curly.
  • One of the great ideas to add volume to your hair without making them look puffy is blow drying them. After blow drying the hair will become softer and you can mold them the way you want. Blow drying will also add some volume to your hair.

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Apart from this, spraying some water on hair and combing them can also help you tame puffy hair for some time.
It is advisable to go for long term and natural solutions, such as, improving the texture and quality by nourishing them with hair oils, instead of using temporary quick ways. So, go ahead and try the aforementioned ideas to get lustrous healthy hair.