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How to Treat Oily Face

Bidisha Mukherjee
A lot of people are bothered due to their oily skin. This story will provide you with suitable solutions for tackling this problem.
Natural oils of the skin have a major role to play in making it healthy, smooth, and supple. However, when there is excess of oil on the skin, then it causes us a lot of discomfort. Many people assume that something must be wrong with their health, which in turn, triggers overproduction of oil. Though the fact is that it is not any health problem.
It is mostly caused due to genetic reasons or wrong food habits. Those who have oily skin know it very well that taking care of oily face is a tough and challenging task. It has a shiny and sticky surface where dirt and dust get stuck very easily. Moreover, acne and blackheads keep erupting on oily face. In order to get relief from all these skin problems, people start looking for various remedies.

Skin Care Regime

Like any other facial skin care regime, oily face also needs regular cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. The difference is that you have to use right kind of skin care product that suits oily skin. As oily skin attracts more dirt and grime, you must wash your face 2 - 3 times a day. Use a soap-free face wash for oily skin for best results.

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Apply the cleanser gently on the face with your fingertips with small circular motions. Do not rub your face vigorously as it can badly damage the skin. Then wash off with cold water. Pat dry your face with a soft and dry towel.
The next step of oily skin care is skin toning. An alcohol-free astringent skin toner is ideal for oily face. Take some astringent on a cotton ball, and dab it lightly on the face. When applied twice daily, it helps a lot in oil control. During daytime, your face feels more greasy due to sweating. To control it, you have to use a non-greasy sunscreen lotion. Instead of a cream-based sunscreen, use any of those which are gel-based.
Regular moisturizing of the oily face is very important, or else the skin will dry out. Use a water-based oil free moisturizer. Those who wear makeup should use powder based makeup, as they absorb the excess oil from the skin surface. When you go outdoors carry a wet tissue paper with you to wipe off the dust and dirt that sticks to your oily face.


When you want to get rid of oily face fast, your skin need some additional treatment. Here are a few home remedies that are highly effective in this regard.

» Milk

You must use milk to clean up your oily skin daily before bedtime. It has excellent natural cleansing properties which helps to remove dirt, grime, and makeup from clogged pores of oily skin surface. You can simply dip a cotton ball in milk, and rub it over the face to get a clear skin. Or you can add some lavender essential oil, and massage it gently on the face. Later, wash it off with water and apply moisturizer.

» Clay Mask

A clay mask made of fuller's earth is good for getting rid of an oily face at home. Mix up one tablespoon of fuller's earth, a pinch of turmeric powder, and some water to prepare the face mask. Apply it on the face, and wait for half an hour before you rinse off. You should use this mask for oily skin once in a week, and you will get an oil-free, soft, and smooth skin.

» Oatmeal

Use uncooked oatmeal, one teaspoon of honey, and half teaspoon of lemon juice for oily skin control. Make a thick paste with these ingredients, apply it on the face, and keep it on for 15 minutes. Then wash off with tepid water, and pat dry your face.

» Sandalwood Powder

Take one tablespoon of sandalwood powder, and add a few drops of water to obtain a thick paste. Apply it all over the facial skin in the form of a thin layer except the area surrounding the eyes. Allow the paste to dry up thoroughly. Then wash off with lukewarm water. This will reduce the greasy feel of the skin, and fight off acne problem really well. Moreover, it helps to fade out ugly acne scars.
Along with these remedies, it is important that you detoxify your system from within. Drink 8 - 10 glasses of water everyday to flush out toxins from the body. This will also help in removal of oil from the skin through perspiration. Take care of the foods that you are eating. Stay away from oily and processed foods. Rather, opt for fresh fruits and vegetables.