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How to Get Rid of Dark Underarms

Divya Bichu
Dark underarms is a problem that many women face, which makes them apprehensive of wearing sleeveless or strapless outfits. But there are ways by which dark underarms can be faded.
It is important to be comfortable in your skin, to be able to flaunt it. There are many girls who even brush off the idea of wearing a sleeveless top. The reason being "dark armpits". Now, dark underarms keep most of the girls away from the clothes they wish to wear.
Not only does it lower one's self-esteem but also lowers the confidence level of carrying off different kind of clothes. Dark underarms can also keep one away from enjoying many sports like swimming, beach games, and so on, which requires them to wear short and revealing clothes. There are many reasons why one develops dark armpits.

What Causes Dark Underarms

Shaving: A waxing of the underarms can keep them hair free for the few days.
A few days later, scanty hair growth does not allow you to wear sleeveless, and waxing is not possible as they are too short to be waxed! Result, girls shave their underarms. Shaving does not uproot the hair completely like waxing, instead just superficially cleans the area.
Thus, the hair is not pulled out from the roots, and so it is often visible below the skin even after shaving, causing the area to darken.
Use of Deodorants and Hair Removal Creams: Dark armpits are also caused by the regular use of deodorants and antiperspirants.
A mixture of deodorant residues, sweat and chemicals, cause the darkening of the armpits. Hair removal creams do not pull out the hair from the roots, just like shaving, and the chemicals they contain are chiefly responsible for dark underarms.
Tight Clothes and Unclean Armpits: Tight clothes increase the friction between your underarms, traumatizing the cells.
This leads to increased production of melanin, which is responsible for darkening of the skin. Sweaty and unclean underarms promotes bacteria to thrive around there, thus causing infection, and being one of the causes of dark underarms.
However, there are many ways one can get rid of them. Listed below are remedies to get rid of dark underarms. If you have clear and soft underarms, it becomes important to maintain them.

Getting Rid of Dark Underarms

Resort to Waxing: Always! Always! Wax your underarms to get rid of the hair growth there.
Waxing pulls out hair completely from the roots and removes dead skin, leaving you with clean and soft underarms. Also, the underarms is a very sensitive area, therefore get waxing done from a professional only! Try applying some aloe vera gel or spray some rose-water to soothe the pain (if any) after waxing.
Use Skin Lightening Creams: Using skin lightening creams or applying moisturizer to your underarm region every night can also help reduce the darkness.
These creams interfere with the melanin production and prevents it to a large extend, thus lightening the region. Bleaching is also one of the effective methods to get rid of dark underarms. Although bleaching is not recommended on a regular basis.
Cleaning: Scrubbing your underarms with a pumice stone or loofah sponge during a shower can clear away dead skin, which clings to the creases of the skin and make it appear dark. Dry your underarms thoroughly every time after a shower.
Minimal Use of Deodorants: Avoiding the use of deodorants when you are at home. This will help you get rid of the dark armpits.
Moreover, washing off your underarms or wiping them using a clean wet cloth when you are back home will decrease the sweat residues and prevent the growth of bacteria. Hence, lightening the underarms.

Home Remedies

  • Grind oatmeal flakes in a mixer, mix the same with honey, and scrub the underarm region. This will exfoliate your skin and make it soft and smooth.
  • You can also use facial scrubs to exfoliate the region as the armpit region is just as sensitive and delicate as your facial skin.
  • Rubbing of lemon slices is also one of the ways to get rid of those embarrassing dark underarms. The citric acid lightens the skin tone in that area and leaves it suave.
  • Applying a pulp of mashed papaya or tomato on a regular basis can lighten the underarms.
  • A paste of sandalwood powder, cucumber juice and a pinch of turmeric powder works wonders to do away with those abashing underarms.
  • Drink plenty of water. It not only helps keeping your body hydrated but also helps reduce the production of melanin in the body.
  • Massaging your armpits with coconut oil, vitamin E oil or almond oil every night not only lightens the underarm region but also polishes your skin and leaves it clean and soft for you to flaunt in those favorite clothes.
Good hygiene and use of the above tips will help you achieve light and flawless underarms. You can then slip into those spaghetti and tank tops you always wanted to wear!