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How to Get Rid of Chin Fat

Leena Palande
Are you worried because of double chin? I know, loose and drooping skin under the chin makes you look fat, more aged and yes, sometimes even ugly! Read on to know how to get rid of chin fat fast.
The flabby portion hanging shabbily under your once beautifully pointed chin often reminds you of your age. The sagging skin under the chin or a double chin is the visible sign of extra fat. When you ingest extra food, the body stores it in the form of fat, for the use in future. In this way, fat gets deposited around various parts of the body, over the years. Various factors, including genetic factors, decide where your body would store more fat.
Arms, thighs, abdomen and chin seem to be the most favorite sites of the body; as it deposits fat in these areas fast. Men and women, both like to flaunt their skin, but the ways are perhaps different. Men usually are interested in body building and they like to show toned muscles.
Women exercise regularly to enjoy the 'hour-glass' figure. Double chin or fatty chin definitely kills the young look of the face. Fatty chin is considered as the first visible sign of aging or of being overweight.

Causes of Excess Fat under the Chin

  • Those who are overweight or obese usually have excessive fat under the chin.
  • Lack of proper exercises can lead to accumulation of fat under the chin.
  • Genetic factors do affect the way and pattern of fat deposition.
  • During the natural process of aging, fat gets deposited under the chin.
  • Wrong posture can lead to the formation of double chin.

How to Reduce Chin Fat

Balanced diet, regular exercise and surgery are the three ways which can help you achieve your goal.


You should perform simple but appropriate fat burning exercises regularly. Calories burnt should be more than the calories consumed, then only the desired results would be noticed. For burning more calories, you can choose any of the cardiovascular exercises like walking, jogging, jumping rope exercises, swimming, cycling, etc.
For reducing the chin fat, you may opt for double chin workouts. Here are some examples of neck exercises for double chin.
  • Keep your head high with a jutting jaw, throughout the day. Maintaining this posture will help improve the condition.
  • Keeping your upper body and shoulders still, push your chin forward and hold it in this position for 15 seconds. Repeat it 10 times.
  • Anytime during the day, while sitting or standing, keep your head tilted backwards and bring the chin down towards your neck. Repeat it 10 times. You can do this as many times as possible.
  • Sit upright and slowly lean your head in the backward direction. Hold this position for ten seconds. Repeat this 10 times. This will put the required strain on the chin muscles which will help tighten the skin.
  • For double chin reduction, sit straight and try to stretch your tongue out. During this exercise various mouth and face muscles will get stretched, and this will help avoid sagging chin. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.
  • Lie flat on a mat. Keep your hands straight down besides your thighs. Try to press your chin against your chest. Hold the position for 3-4 seconds. Gradually tilting your head backwards, bring it again towards the chest. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.
  • You are supposed to lie flat on a bed. Let your head hang down over the edge. Now, try to bring your head in level with rest of the body, by slowly raising it up. Hold the head at the body level for 15 seconds and then lower it slowly towards the floor again. Repeat this exercise designed for 'chin fat reduction', at least 5 times daily.


Along with regular exercise, it is necessary to follow a low-fat or a low-carb diet religiously. You should avoid junk and processed food, fried and oily food, sweets, desserts and sweetened drinks, food high in sodium, etc. You should use low-fat versions of the products whenever possible.
Incorporating fat burning foods (that speed up the rate of metabolism) in your diet helps lose weight and fat. Use of herbal teas, fresh fruits and vegetables, complex carbs and a small amount of good fats (olive oil, fish oil) can help lose fat and improve your looks.
Reduce the intake of fat. Do not provide extra fat to your body. This would help prevent deposition of fat under your chin. You should drink plenty of water (at least 7-8 glasses) every day.


If nothing of the above works and the question 'how to get rid of chin fat' is still haunting you, you may opt for cosmetic surgery or liposuction. There are various options for corrective surgeries, like laser surgery, liposuction and neck lift.
These days, many people opt for double chin liposuction. It takes only half an hour to perform the surgery and it requires local anesthesia. But let surgery be the last option.
If you are desperately searching for an answer to the question 'how to get rid of chin fat', don't waste time, start dieting and exercising immediately.
Disclaimer: This story is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.