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How to Get Perfect Eyebrows

Saptakee Sengupta
A perfectly-shaped eyebrow means a lot to women. So, read this article and know how to get the most perfect eyebrows.
Someone once said, This tragic brow, these closed eyes, eyebrows raised and knotted. Yes, eyebrows do speak a lot. A face with crooked brows always gives the impression of a frown, while soft brows getting lifted at each laughter is an expression of joy.
Well, that was something a virtual effect of eyebrow movements can cast over onlookers. But what's the definition for perfect eyebrows? Well, they are accurately shaped, curved according the facial frame. So, read the next segment to get the tips on their perfect shape.
Every human being is bestowed with a natural shape of eyebrows. Depending on the shape and thickness, they can either beautify your face or make it look inconspicuous. People who have a thick growth with beautiful arches, need not manipulate them much. A little effort to remove the extra hair, while retaining the natural shape, can make a lot of difference. On the contrary, thin eyebrows with sparse hair, require some artificial tricks to attain prominence over face.


The framework of face is the most important aspect in determining the shape of eyebrows. Makeup experts say that arched ones suit a round or semi-oval face the most. The brow angled high or peaked at the middle, while keeping the tapering part small, is the ideal shape for a round face.
Perfect brows for oval face are shaped flat. The arch is usually kept low for a oval or elongated face. If they are angled with a raised peak, they make the face look even longer. To retain the oval shape, the peak should be very small or flat. Round brows with softer peaks complement faces with tapered chin and oblong frame. The brow should be left thick for a square face and a slight angle should be made at the end.
A heart-shaped face with a pointed chin gets emphasized with round eyebrows having soft peaks. A diamond shaped face can have two types of shapes. If the face is wide, peaked eyebrows can narrow the width while round ones soften a more angular face.


The correct procedure of tweezing is vital to shape the eyebrows perfectly. The natural brow line must be retained. This can be done by removing the stray hair growing away from the natural line. A properly groomed eyebrow lays emphasis over your eyes and face. Never over pluck your brows. The best way to get that perfect look is to get them threaded from a beauty salon.
You can also tweeze them at home with the help of tweezers. Keep a pencil on your face and place it at the center of your mouth, nose, and forehead. Now, move it diagonally to determine the arching point. Tweeze out the extra hair, and then move the pencil at the end where the brows end.
This way you can estimate the length of your brow, and then remove the extra strands while retaining the natural end. Perfect eyebrows for your face shape are thus carved by right techniques of tweezing.


The color of your eyebrows is of utmost significance to your looks. Normally, the color of hair and brows is same. If you have brown hair, then brown eyebrows look the best. This is something natural, nevertheless you can opt for a good makeup technique for your eyebrows too.
You can darken the brow with the help of eyebrow stencils or pencils, either black or brown, as per your wish. But, make sure you try the technique before applying the final makeup or else you might end up in a mess.

Care to be Taken

Taking care of eyebrows should be a part of your routine. It is very simple. Massage your brows with almond or coconut oil to keep it smooth. If you have sparse growth, apply castor oil regularly to get the difference in growth. After washing your face, comb the brows in the direction of growth, to maintain the shape. Get them trimmed at least once a month to retain the shape.
Perfect brows give a definition to face and make the eyes look fuller and brighter. A natural perfect one starts from the inner corner of the eye, slightly arching over the iris and narrowing down towards the edge of the eye.