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How To Get Healthy Hair

Marlene Alphonse
Healthy, glowing hair is a dream for every woman. But due to many factors like improper diet, chemicals, pollution, etc., this dream remains a dream only. However, with proper diet and care, you can transform this dream into reality...
Who doesn't love to receive compliments for their long, lustrous, healthy hair! Growing long hair is not a herculean task, but you need to follow a proper hair care regimen to get such hair. Lack of proper diet, unhealthy lifestyle, external factors like pollution, heat and harsh chemicals etc., can prove to be bad for hair.
This can also result in problems like hair loss, dull, lifeless and damaged hair, dandruff etc. To avoid these issues it is necessary to follow a proper hair care regimen.

Getting a Problem-free and Lustrous Hair

Thick, lustrous hair is an asset, the ultimate accessory which can make or mar the appearance of an individual. To look and feel fabulous, you must keep your hair in a healthy condition.
No matter if you have long hair, short hair or even wavy or curly hair, you must learn to keep it healthy.
  • As your hair grows longer, the tips tend to get weak and start splitting. It is advisable to trim those split ends regularly to prevent your hair from growing weaker.
Don't shampoo your hair everyday, as washing can strip the scalp of natural oils and moisture. Instead wash your hair every alternate day or when it feels too limp.
  • 'If you want to get healthy hair, run a brush through your hair at least a hundred times.' You may be familiar with this 'advice'. Well this is a fad and is a strict no-no. Avoid combing your hair at the slightest provocation, and brush it only when required.
  • Combing your hair will help the oils in the scalp to spread evenly. So use a brush or comb with rounded bristles that will apply the right amount of pressure on your scalp.
  • Avoid using harsh conditioners on your hair. When you apply any conditioner to your hair, start from the tip rather than from the scalp, otherwise the pores in the scalp may get clogged, restricting blood circulation. Remember, your hair also needs to breathe.
  • Use hair products that are not harmful or abrasive to the scalp. Always check the ingredients on the outer pack of the product and choose one that is suitable for your hair.
  • Wet hair breaks easily than dry hair. Avoid combing your hair when it is wet, as the hair is at its weakest when wet. Rather, comb it when it is a bit dry to avoid snapping. Use a wide toothed comb while combing wet hair instead.
  • Don't use wooden combs, as the comb can have small cavities or divots, where the hair might get entangled. Instead use plastic combs.
  • Get a haircut or at least trim your hair regularly to maintain healthy tips.
  • Avoid regular use of hair dryer to dry your hair, as the heat from the hair dryer can strip the natural oils from your scalp. Instead, let your hair dry naturally or use a blow dryer when absolutely necessary.

Tips to Get Healthy Hair Again

You have been styling your hair regularly or using too many strong chemicals for coloring your hair. Now your hair has lost all its sheen and, they look really dull and damaged.
If you want to get back your healthy hair again follow these tips:
  • Use a deep conditioning treatment or a hair mask once in ten days, to help you restore the lustrous look on your hair.
  • Avoid frequent use of hair styling gels or creams.
  • The harmful rays from the sun and pollution can damage your hair. So, whenever you step out of your house wear a head scarf.
  • Avoid perming your hair very often or using harmful chemicals like peroxide, as they tend to dry the scalp and facilitate hair fall.
  • If your hair needs medical attention, visit a trichologist.

Go Natural for Shiny Hair

  • Keep your body hydrated. This will keep your scalp moist and give a shiny appearance to your hair.
  • Follow a diet rich in vitamin A like green leafy vegetables and carrots for damaged hair repair. Fish oils like cod and flax seed oil are also good for your hair.
  • Using warm oil while oiling your hair and gently massage the scalp in circular motion as this will improve the circulation of blood.
  • Practice yoga, as it improves blood circulation which is good for the hair.
  • Another natural and easy way to fix damaged hair is to rinse hair with water in which rice, potatoes or pasta have been boiled.
There are several natural remedies that stop hair loss, and help restore the strength and sheen of your hair. You can use these tips and get envious looks from everyone around you!