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How to Get Hair Dye Off Skin

Mamta Mule
Getting hair dye off skin is no longer a hassle. Here are some easy ways to get rid of the color or stains that are often left on your neck, hairline, and ears after applying a hair dye.
While applying hair dye to your locks, it might often spread on your skin. Hairline, ears, and neck are quite susceptible to get colored as you brush the dye in your strands. By the time you finish your hair coloring job, the color has stayed for a long time on your skin. When you try to get the dye off your skin, it is late and just a cotton soaked in water can't help you in this task. Even if you clear the color, it is sure to leave behind a dark stain on your skin. Even after washing off your locks and styling them, this colored skin can stop you from stepping out. So, what do you do? Well, don't panic, as getting the dye off is quite easy. Mentioned here are a few remedies that you can try.

Leftover Dye

As nail polish is known to remove the similarly colored nail polish and coffee is known to remove a coffee stain, same trick applies to the hair dye. You can use the leftover dye while taking a shower and rub it on the stains along with your shampoo or soap. If you have some leftover dye in the bowl, it can be an easy task.

Baby Oil

All you need to do is soak a cotton ball in baby oil and rub it all over the colored patch of skin. Leave it for some time, before washing it off with a shampoo or deep clean face wash. You can also use olive, almond, or coconut oil instead of baby oil.

Lip Balm/Moisturizer

Apply a layer of one of these on the skin where the hair dye is spread. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and wash it off with a shampoo or face wash.


Just as toothpaste cleans off your teeth and keeps it stain free, it can be effective in removing hair dye too. So, apply it and leave for 5-10 minutes. You can rub it with your fingers or a soft toothbrush and then wash it off. Make sure that you rub the bristles gently to avoid reddening of the skin.

Exfoliating Scrub

Take an exfoliating scrub and gently scrub the colored area of your skin to clean any residue of hair dye from it. Scrubbing is sure to help you clean off the darkest stain of hair dye.

Commercial Dye Remover

The aforementioned remedies didn't work? Wondering how to remove hair dye from skin? Grab a commercial hair dye remover from the market. Specially formulated for this task, the product is sure to help you.
Avoid using the commercial removers right away, which might prove harsh on your skin. Instead, try the oil, cream, or scrub first. If these don't work, you can opt for the commercial remover. You can get this product from your hair salon. Taking proper precautions while applying the hair dye is the best way to avoid skin staining. You can apply petroleum jelly or oil around the hairline and neck to make the removal of hair dye spread over your skin much much easier.