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How to Get Glossy Lips

Deepa Kartha
Want to sport luscious, glossy lips which will make heads turn? Follow these simpler-than-ever make-up tips to enhance your lips with a glossy look.
Lips are one of the most important facial features which enhance your look. Professional make-up artists will vouch for this. Although you can never go wrong with a matte finish, gloss is your best bet for a party.
Also, otherwise drab nude shades look fab with a glossy touch, giving them a surprisingly seductive feel. But you must know, if not done properly, glossy lips can go horribly wrong, making your lips look fuller than necessary. To get glossy, perfectly plump lips, remember to follow these tips to the T.


Choosing the Lip Gloss

While a colored lip gloss does look amazing, buy a neutral one to give any colored lipstick a glossy finish. If you have fuller lips, choose a lip gloss/lipstick with a paler shade.
If you have thin lips, you need to make them look fuller; in this case, buy a lipstick/lip gloss with a dark shade. The exact shade will also depend on your complexion and the color of your lips. While purchasing the gloss, ask someone at the store to help you out with the perfect shade.

Preparing the Lips

Since the lip gloss is translucent, cracks on your lips may be visible, giving them a crude look.
Exfoliate your lips daily with a face cleanser or lip exfoliator. Apart from this, you must also keep your lips moisturized daily, with a lip balm or cream. Even after you remove the lip gloss, you must repeat this process to ensure that your lips stay healthy and soft.

Applying the Lip Gloss

Line your lips with a lip liner, which needs to be a shade darker than your gloss color.
Just one shade lighter. The lip liner will give your lips a proper definition and make it easier for your to apply the gloss. It is also possible for you to make your lips appear bigger or smaller with the lip liner.
For example, if you have small lips, make a line just outside each of your lip's normal outline. Similarly, if you have fuller lips, draw a line inside the natural outline.
After you are done with the lip liner, start applying the gloss. If the gloss has a neutral shade, it is fine to apply it directly from the tube. However, if it isn't, put a small amount of lip gloss on the center of your lower lip, press your lips together, and spread it evenly.
If you still think you have lot of gloss on your lips, bloat some of it on a paper towel. If you're using the lipstick, after you're done with applying the lip liner, apply the lipstick with a lip brush, always. Then, apply the neutral gloss directly from the tube.
If you want the gloss to stay on for a longer time, bloat off the excess after the first application. Then, pat some face powder on your lips and apply the gloss again. The powder will ensure that the gloss stays for a longer time.
Just like other make-up techniques, you will get better with this one over time. Until then, have fun with different shades and types to try a new look every time, finding out with time what suits you the best!