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How to Fix Bushy Eyebrows

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Learn some quick ways to fix your bushy eyebrows, if they are becoming a cause of embarrassment for you!
Eyebrows and eyes convey a lot of feelings, without you uttering a word. Unfortunately, eyebrows are rarely paid the same attention as eyes. Men, especially are least bothered about the hairy growth above their eyes. They simply don't care if their eyebrows are barely visible or are so bushy that they may obstruct their vision! However, for some people, particularly teenage girls, bushy eyebrows can be a cause of concern. Young girls are so conscious about their looks that even a slight imperfection may shatter their self esteem to pieces.

Tips for Fixing Bushy Eyebrows

Salon or Home?

Most women go to salons to get their eyebrows professionally done. However, if you are a teenage girl, your options may not be many. Your parents may prevent you from getting your eyebrows done by a professional, thinking that it may be too early for you to start working upon your face and body.
This may force you to try to tame bushy eyebrows at home. However, I would like to offer a word of caution to all young girls. Please do not attempt to pluck your eyebrows yourself with a pair of tweezers or nail scissors. Asking your friend to do the job for you is an equally bad idea.
Therefore, my advice to you would be to convince your folks to get your eyebrows done at salon, if you are over 16. Until then, it is best to rely on an eyebrow brush to keep your eyebrow strands in place.

Threading or Waxing?

Your mother may know a thing or two about plucking eyebrows, but, as you will be doing it for the first time, let professional hands work upon your eyebrows. Thus, convincing your parents is the only option you have. However, when they do agree, do not forget to take your mother along with you to the salon.
A few other options, when you are old enough to get eyebrows done, include threading and waxing. These two methods not only give a defined shape to eyebrows, but also reduce hair growth over a period of time. Plucking is considered as the best method to define your brows only if you wish to get rid of a few unwanted hair here and there.

Taming Bushy Eyebrows in Men

Bushy eyebrows are extremely common in men. However, it is not very often that men take real efforts to do something about it. However, if you happen to be one of those few men who are bothered by the overgrowth of their eyebrows, then you would be delighted to know that there indeed are some ways to tame your bushy or overgrown eyebrows. You can apply hair gel to your eyebrows, so that the hair strands don't stick out of your eyebrows. Hair gel will give your eyebrows a defined look.
Alternatively, you may also try applying Vaseline on your eyebrows in the shape of your choice. Continue this exercise for a few days and your eyebrows will naturally look in place. If the hair growth is too much, then you may use nail scissors or tweezers to trim the excess growth. As a last resort, you may turn to a professional for help.
Well-groomed eyebrows speak a lot about your personality and give you a polished look. Naturally, bushy eyebrows are not acceptable if you are a working woman in a service industry or a corporate organization. Even in men, unkempt eyebrows can put people off. Thus, it is very important to maintain and groom your eyebrows.