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How to Fix a Broken Fingernail

Aastha Dogra
Cooking, constant typing, playing a musical instrument - any of these activities can cause fingernails to break. If you have a torn fingernail, you need not worry though, as we have some easy to follow tips for fixing a broken fingernail.
If you go to any cosmetic shop, you will find acrylic nail menders, which promise to take care of any wear and tear in the nails. These kits usually come with a solvent and an acrylic powder, which is made into a paste and then applied on the tear in the nails, to seal it together.
The problem with this method of mending broken nails is that the chemicals in the paste are very strong and can cause problems, such as allergies, fungus infections, etc., which can weaken the nail itself, in the long run. That's why, it is always better to rely on certain home remedies to fix broken fingernails.

Tips for Fixing a Torn or Broken Fingernail

If you are in a hurry to go somewhere and suddenly, you have a broken fingernail to take care of, one simple thing that you can do is to apply a coat of clear nail polish on the nail and stick a piece of tissue paper on it.
Although, this is not a permanent solution, yet, it will last for a day at least. After that, once you are home from office or college, you can start with the suggested permanent treatment for a broken fingernail.
1: Start with removing the nail polish from the broken nail, with the help of a remover. Follow this up by washing the nail with lukewarm water and soap. After this, let the nail dry completely, before you start repairing it.
For repairing the nail, you would need a strong bonding glue. Look at the ingredients in the glue, before you get one. Go in for a bonding glue which contains cyanoacrylate, as it will hold the nail better. Next, take a toothpick and with it take a small amount of glue from the bottle.
Apply the glue in the tear and try to press together the broken nail together. Use the toothpick to keep the nail bonded. Keep on pressing at the tear for a minute. After that, give time to the glue to become dry. In the end, with a nail polish remover, remove any glue that might be there on your skin.
2: Another very effective way is by making a patch with teabag netting and gluing the same in the tear, with the bonding glue. This method is very useful in taking care of tears which are large. For this, take a tea bag and cut a small square from its netting.
Give the netting that you have cut the same shape as your tear. With a toothpick, apply glue in the tear and then stick the patch of netting on top of it. In the end, with scissors, cut any extra netting from your nails.
You can choose from either of the two solutions suggested here. After fixing a broken fingernail with any of these, take an emery board and smoothen the nail area that you have just repaired. Get rid of any rough edges that might be there. After this, apply a nail strengthener, so that the nail does not break off again.
In the end, apply a coat of your regular nail polish, to give the nail an attractive, well-done look. One word of caution here though, till the time the nail grows back again, do not engage in any kind of work, which puts undue pressure on your nails!
With these tips you would definitely be able to tackle this issue in the future. Now, you do not have to think twice about growing your nails long and beautiful, as you know how to handle any tear in the nails effectively, at home itself!