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How to Dry Nail Polish Fast

Sonia Nair
Your freshly painted nails may develop wrinkles and ridges within no time, if the nail polish is not dried properly. This story provides some tips for drying nail polish fast.
While most of us enjoy applying nail polish; drying it can be frustrating. Blowing or waving the fingers, after applying the nail color, may not work always. Otherwise, you have to wait for some time, till the nail polish gets dry. For fast results, you may purchase an expensive quick dry nail polish, a drying solution or a quick seal nail polish pen. If you don't want to invest on such products, here are some simple tips for drying nail polish fast.
Method I - Hair Dryer: All you have to do is to use the hair dryer on its coolest setting. Exposure to hot air may delay the drying process. Make sure to operate the hair dryer carefully, so as to avoid smudging, while you hold the device. The hair dryer should not be too close to the nails.
Method II - Cold Water: Collect some ice-cold water in a bowl, just before you apply nail color. Once done with the color, immerse your nails slowly into the water. Keep the fingers immersed in this water for at least two to three minutes.
Method III - Refrigerator Method: As compared to nail polish stored at room temperature, those kept in the refrigerator are found to be fast drying. Keep the nail color in the refrigerator for about 20 to 30 minutes, and use it immediately. This method is applicable for regular nail polish and not the quick dry versions. Another method is to stick your hands inside the freezer, once you are done with nail polish application.
Method IV - Oil Coat: Use a top coat of oil, like cotton seed oil or plain olive oil. For this purpose, clean an old nail polish bottle with acetone nail polish remover. Wash and dry it, before filling the oil. Once done, apply a coat of oil over the nail color.
Method V - Nail Polish Dryer: This device comes in different types and the expensive ones are more efficient than the regular ones. All you have to do is to paint your nails and stick your hands inside the device. The color will dry quickly. While some of these devices are meant for fingernails only, there are other types that can be used for both finger and toenails. Some of the high-end versions use UV rays for drying nail polish. You may also buy a quick dry nail spray that has to be applied over the nail polish.
Instead of two, three thick coats of nail polish, try thinner coats that will dry fast. Make sure to leave a gap of three to four minutes, between the coats. Once done, use a clear top coat that is fast drying. To conclude, you may either go for ready-made products/devices that can dry nail polish quickly; or try other methods. It is always better to go for these simple methods, rather than spending money on ready-made products.