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How to Draw Flowers on Nails

Aakash Singh
Planning for a girls' night out and want to show off with some creative stuff? How about some nail work? Read this story for some ideas.
Getting different types of manicures is an absolute must-have for any girl. Painting your nails with various patterns and styles are also eternal favorites. Be it any design, animal prints or dainty flower versions, nothing stops a girl from getting one. Let's get to know how to go about painting a floral pattern on your nails.

Materials Needed

To begin with, you will need a fine paintbrush. It does not cost much and may come for $1 or less. Then, acrylic paints come second in the list. Acrylic nails are better than nail varnishes for painting, and that is because they are light and easy to make designs with.
Also, you may require rhinestones and glitter for that extra touch for your designs. You can also shop for some nail art jewelry.


  • You will need to make a coat on your nail with nail varnish. Make sure that this coat is extra smooth so that it will let your designs flow easily onto your nails.
  • The next step involves using your brush to make the outlines. For beginners, start with few simpler designs or shapes. Try to make bubbles with circles or zig-zag lines and so on. Initially, you may find it difficult to hold the paint brush, but then try holding it in different angels and you will get to know which angle gives you the maximum grip.
  • While painting, do not immerse the brush head completely in the paint, just immerse it deep enough to wet its tip.
  • Once you have applied a coat of varnish on your nail, let it dry. Once it is dried start painting.
  • To draw a flower, with your paintbrush dab at the center of your nail. Do not use a lot of paint because it may spill.
  • Next, choose the color you want. Next, use the paintbrush to make petals of your flower. You will need to start from the center, from where you had dabbed earlier. As you go further from the center, apply little pressure to make the petals thicker. They must be thicker towards the outer edge and relatively thinner in the center.
  • You can make four to five petals. Make sure that you do them neatly, and after every petal you make, let it dry so that it does not blot and mix with others.
  • Once you have made your design and are happy with it, apply a top coat. This is the most important part as we want our design to be sealed.
And here you are, ready with your flower design. Repeat it for the nails of your fingers or toes too. But remember to let the design be uniform on all of them. For better results, rest your hand/feet on a table to avoid shaky hands which can ruin your design.
To make patterns look more vibrant, make use of as much colors as you can, and use them differently. Also, it is good to keep nail varnishes of a variety of colors to match with your wardrobe.
You can also try some freehand designs on them. If you are too skeptical to experiment on your nails, then for you to practice you can get some false nail tips from any accessories shop or you can also first try some simple designs, and can practice on them.
For your paintbrushes, clean them with nail polish remover, then rinse with water and allow them to dry. Make sure to clean them thoroughly to use them over again.