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How to Make Hair Wraps

Tulika Nair
Hair wraps can be fun hair accessories, especially for young girls. If you want to learn to make them, then this story is exactly what you need.
While on vacation and on a trip to an adventure park or a fair, you will always notice this tiny little stall packed with girls of all ages getting hair wraps and showing off their colorful new acquisitions to their parents.
If you are a parent to a little girl, then chances are that sometime or the other you have been pleaded with for permission to get hair wraps, and you have been a loving parent and shelled out a bomb to let her get those coveted hair accessories.
But what if you learn to make them? In this article we tell you just how to get them using strings so that your little girl can flaunt her new hairstyle.


Always insist on embroidery floss that is made of 100% cotton. This is important so that the hair gets to breathe. You can choose to use beads after doing a hair wrap to decorate the ends of the hair. If you have fears about swimming with a hair wrap, then forget them.
Most hair wraps are not affected by chlorine in any manner. Also it is perfectly possible to shampoo and condition your hair. Remind small kids to not pull at them as it makes wraps loose and causes them to come off easily.
Also be careful while brushing their hair. It is very easy to remove these wraps if they are done with strings. All you need to do is snip off the embroidery floss and unravel it.
You can choose to make this accessory for your daughter either at the top of her head, where once attached, it will mix with the hair while hanging down the side of the hair. The second place where you can tie the wrap is near the back of the ear.
The second location is much more comfortable while sleeping. Of course if you are uncomfortable with the idea of having your daughter wearing these accessories all the time, you can reach a compromise by buying pre-manufactured hair wraps that can be clipped into your hair.
The things that you need in order to make hair wraps are four different colors of embroidery floss. The length of each yarn will depend on the length of your daughter's hair.
  • Take a small piece of cardboard and cut a slit in it. Now take the hair you want to wrap and pull the lock through it. This will ensure that the hair does not get tangled with other hair. This is very important.
  • Take all the threads together and tie them into a knot around the hair that you first need to braid. Ensure that you make this knot three fourths of an inch away from the hairline.
  • Now since the threads will all need to be of different lengths, the shortest yarn will be about six inches longer than your hair lock.
  • Next hold the braided hair and the embroidery floss together. Take the longer yarn and start wrapping it around your braid. This should form a solid band of color. Ensure that this wrapping is firm and does not come off easily.
  • If you want to change the color of the wrap, then just shift to the next thread and start wrapping it around the braid.
  • Once you are done creating them as you want it, hold all the threads together, pull them tight and knot it by looping them. Cut off any excess yarn.
There are many different patterns that you can experiment with like cross patterns, striped patterns, etc. Once you have mastered the basic technique, you can try your hand at these different designs and patterns.