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How to Do a French Braid

Pragya T
After English braid, French braid is the most popular braid hairstyle. Here are stepwise instructions on French braiding, that will help you create a beautiful looking French braid hairstyle.
Braids are so in this season. They look elegant and can be worn on so many outfits. The most common type of braid used all over the world is the English braid, and the next one in popularity is the French braid. It is quite easy to create a French braid, however a little difficult than the English braid.
So, to get the French braid right you will need to practice a bit before you get it right. Also, with practice you would be able to do a well-distributed looking braid knots. Here are the French braid hairstyle instructions, that you can use.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Mentioned below are the steps on making a French braid, which you can use to create a simple French braid style. Practice these how to French braid on a friend, once you are able to create the French braid with someone else's hair, then use the same steps for how to French braid your own hair. So, let's get started.
  • First of all you should always try to braid hair, that was washed a day before. As a bit of greasy hair is perfect for creating French braid. Also, French braid can only be created only on hair which is medium or long. As it is very difficult to create a French braid on short hair. But, those wondering how to French braid hair short hair, can do a half French braid and leave the rest of the hair open.
  • Brush your hair properly, and keep a medium or fine tooth comb handy. You will also need an elastic band to secure the braid. If your hair is freshly washed then work on slightly damp hair.
  • So, first take small section of the hair from the front section of your hair, and then separate it from the bottom hair. Comb it, and then divide it into three equal parts.
  • Then braid your hair once or twice in knots like you would have done with the English braid three strand structure.
  • Hold one strand of the braid in your right and the rest two in the left hand. Now, if whichever section you were going to cross to form the next braid knot, add hair section to it. 
So, for example if it was the right section, then add some hair from the right section to this strand, and then form the knot. When it comes the turn of the left strand to be knotted, add section of hair to it from the left side and then braid.
  • This way keep on adding sections and keep forming the braid, till you are done with all the hair. When you are done with almost all the hair length, then when a bit of hair is left, tie it with the elastic band, and you would have completed making the French braid.
  • If you wish to make the braid tight, then keep pulling the hair tightly while braiding. But, if you want a nice relaxed braid, you can make a loose braid.
You can also try other French braid styles. To create a French braid headband, it is very simple, follow the above same steps. But, work from one side of the hair section, below one ear preferably. Then keep braiding till you read other side. Also, you can try making French braid pigtails or mini side French braid for a cute style. So, use the above steps to create a classic French braid, and then try out these other styles of French braid hairstyle.