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How to Detangle Natural Hair

Sheetal Mandora
Using styling products can damage your hair, leaving it tangled and unmanageable. Read the story to find tips on how you can detangle your hair with ease.
Tangled hair is an issue that begins from the lower part of the hair strand. In order to get rid of these tangles, some women end up yanking their hair which in turn is a very risky business. We've all heard about following proper hair care, and this is one of them. If you keep putting pressure on your hair and roots, you might just be looking at some permanent damage. So, for you to avoid this mistake and keep the tangles out of your hair, we've got the perfect solution for you.

Instructions to Follow

Even though tangles can appear in any hair texture, more often than not, dry, frizzy hair is the common victim.
  • If your hair is naturally dry, frizzy, or wavy, knots are bound to occur. To get rid of them, you will need hair oil (almond, castor, or coconut), warm towel, and wide-toothed comb.
  • The first thing you'll do is apply hair oil all over your hair and scalp; begin from the scalp.
  • Massage it properly with your fingertips so that you can stimulate proper blood flow.
  • Then, work your way down. Use as much oil as your hair requires, and massage them with the palms of your hands; make sure you don't rub the hair too harshly.

Instructions for African-American Hair

Untangling natural African-American hair can be a mighty chore. And as it turns out, the hair is considered to be one of the most fragile. The coils and kinks can break easily, and using natural oils may not be the best way to go (the oil hardly reaches the entire hair shaft)
Overtime, less moisturizing and nourishment means weak hair. So to avoid this complication and detangle hair, here are some steps you need to take.
To detangle hair, first you will part your hair in partitions. For that you can use wide-toothed comb.
Make no less than 4 partitions (you can even make more).
Use a hair clip to secure each partitions. Untie one partition to detangle first. To do so, you will require a spray bottle and conditioner. First we will fill the bottle with conditioner and water. Depending on the size of the bottle (if 16 oz. then use 2―3 tablespoons of conditioner) fill it up completely.
Shake the bottle to mix the ingredients and apply on your hair. Use generous application.
Now with your fingertips, you should begin detangling your hair from the ends to the root. Make sure you are as gentle as possible and don't pull too hard.
Follow the same steps for all the partitions. Once you are done, use the wide-toothed comb to gently comb through your hair. You can also use natural oils such as almond oil, castor oil, sunflower oil, and coconut oil to massage and moisturize hair. After these steps are done, all there's left to do is shampoo and condition hair normally.
Oh and one more thing, do make it a point to use proper hair products for natural African-American hair to avoid any damage.