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How to Cut Scene Hair

Smita Pandit
Wondering how to cut scene hair? Do you need tips for cutting scene hair? Go through this article to find out more about scene hairstyles.
Adolescence is a stage when one's mind is highly impressionable. The hormones are running wild, and you want to be noticed. You want to look and feel different. You love to question the conventional norms. No wonder, many youngsters seem to be inspired by subcultures such as emo, scene, hippie, goth, indie or punk.
Following these subcultures means adhering to a set of beliefs. The followers of such subcultures can be identified by their distinctive sense of fashion. For instance, followers of the scene subculture take delight in sporting scene hairstyles. The attire, makeup, hairdos or fashion sense of scenesters is what sets them apart from the rest of the crowd.
Scenesters are generally seen sporting choppy layered haircuts or razor hairstyles. Asymmetrical hairstyles with bangs and bold hair color ideas are often incorporated in these hairstyles. Wondering how to style scene hair? Well, when you are cutting scene hair, you just need to think beyond the conventional hairstyles.
Being a scenester is all about being bold and different. If you wish to be a true scene boy or a girl, then you must find out how to cut scene hair. Here's some information on how to scene your hair in funky scene hairdos.

Scene Hairstyles for Boys and Girls

People confuse scene hairstyles with emo hairstyles because scene hairstyles can sometimes look similar. However, there are differences. Well, some of the hairstyling techniques used while styling hair in scene haircuts are similar to those used in emo haircuts, but the difference lies in their use of bright hair colors.
Their thinking reflects in their sense of style. Emo comes from the word 'emotional'. Emo girls and boys can be identified with their dark/dramatic emo makeup, black apparel and unconventional emo hairstyles. They might come across as gloomy and overly sensitive.
While emo boys and girls might dye their hair in dark hair colors, scenesters can be seen with bright hair highlights. Scene haircuts for girls and boys are constantly evolving, so you might see scenesters experimenting a lot with their hair. Choppy layered hairstyles with side bangs are very popular with scene girls and boys.
Long sweeping side bangs or short bangs with blunted ends are increasingly being used in these funky scene haircuts. Whether your hair is short, medium or long, make sure that you have choppy layers at the crown area. Add bold and contrasting hair color highlights or lowlights.
If your hair is not very long, you can also use scene hair extensions. Both guys and girls can try asymmetrical razor hairstyles with side bangs falling on one side, covering one eye. Make sure that you buy hair accessories such as funky clips, scrunchies, ribbons, hair extensions and other hair styling products.

Cutting Scene Hair

People who wish to sport a scene hairstyle must cut their hair into many choppy layers. Though it's always better to let a hairstylist do this, you could cut your hair on your own. Start by shampooing your hair. Use a towel to dry your hair. When they are still a little damp, part them into three sections. Cut your hair into layers.
The top layer should be cut just above your ear. Make sure that you disentangle your hair properly. If your hair is wavy, you should straighten them first. If your hair is long, you can start cutting the hair into layers to add volume at the crown and thin them as you go down on them to create a tapering effect. Use the razor comb very carefully.
You must do this correctly to get the desired effect. If you wish to style your hair in a shy scene hairstyle, make sure that you trim your side sweeping bangs properly. Once you have cut as many choppy layers as you wanted, you can use scene hair color ideas to create the perfect scene hairstyle. Use hair sprays, gels or hair wax to style your hair.
Last but not the least, get those funky accessories out and use them to jazz up your look! If you wish to be a true scenester, you must think of a scene haircut that defines your personality. Now that you have some idea on how you can cut your tresses in trendy scene hairstyles, don't wait any longer. Don a scene hairdo and make heads turn!