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How to Cut Hair with Clippers

Aastha Dogra
Let's find out how to cut your hair easily at home in a few simple steps, using clippers.
Cutting your hair at home will help you save money and time. For this, you'll first need to buy clippers of good quality. There is a huge variety in the market to choose from. You can go for the ones that come with small comb attachments and scissors. Once you have the equipment ready, start with the hair-cutting procedure.


Step 1

Wash your hair and then condition it, so that it can be cut, smoothly. Let it dry naturally before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2

Cover your shoulders with a towel. Select an appropriate attachment and connect it to the clipper. To cut a guy's hair, an attachment which is half an inch in size will do. Such an attachment is meant to cut hair of very small length.

Step 3

Ideally, you should start cutting the hair from the base of the head, towards the top. The logic behind this, is that to cut the hair correctly, the clipper should be placed and moved in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Tilt your head forward and place the clippers at the back of your head, where the hair growth starts.
Turn the hair clipper on and with firm pressure, start moving it upwards. In order to make sure that all the hair in the area has been cut properly, move the clipper backwards along the same path, that is, from the top of your head, towards the base of the neck. This will help in cutting the hair, evenly.
Comb your hair from time to time, or run your fingers through it to identify the hair that is left uncut.

Step 4

From the middle section of your head, move the clipper in the same way, that is, in the opposite direction of the hair growth, from the base of the neck towards the side of the head.

Step 5

Once you are finished with the back of your head, the next step is to place the clippers along the hairline across the forehead, moving it towards the top of the head. Continue clipping till you get the desired length.

Step 6

Now, take a pair of small scissors and trim your hairline in every direction, that is, forehead, neck, and the sides of the ears, so that the haircut looks even and symmetrical.
Hair clippers are used for performing a simple hairstyle, but can also be used to 'fade hair', which refers to a technique where the length of the hair is very short at the bottom of the head, and longer towards the top.
The procedure to get this particular style, using clippers, is the same, though you will need to change the different guard attachments that come with the clippers.
It is recommended to get complex hairstyles done from a professional hairdresser, as they have knowledge on proper techniques that can prove regrettable if tried at home. Hair clippers should be used only for simple haircuts.