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How to Curl Micro Braids

Sheetal Mandora
Bored with the same micro braid hairstyle? Want to change your look but not really spend a whole lot? How about curling them? Learn how to curl micro braids from the following article.
There are times when thick and coarse hair becomes rebellious and will refuse to set itself straight (no pun intended). So what do you do about that? Straightening them or relaxing the hair could be one of the solutions. But regular usage of these hair care treatments can severely damage your hair.
Confused? Don't be. I am talking about enhancing the style of your micro braids, by curling them from the bottom. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? The process is quite simple and you can easily do it from the comforts of your own home.
You don't have to visit a salon and spend hundreds of dollars to get the look you want. All you have to do is just read the rest of the article and follow the steps given below on how to curl micro braids at home.

Curl Braids at Home

If you're fond of the micro braids, also known as the invisible braids, by curling them, you can do so much with them. You can make a ponytail, let your hair hang loose, or even try a unique hairdo. Whatever you desire, once you know how to curl micro braids, the possibilities are endless.
What You Need...
Hair Rollers
➭ Bobby Pins
➭ Clean Cotton Towel
➭ Hairspray
➭ Rat Tail Comb
➭ Shampoo and Conditioner

What You Need to Do...

➭ First and foremost, you need to take a shower and shampoo your braids. There isn't any special shampoo that needs to be used. The shampoo that you normally use will do just fine. Rinse your hair properly so any hair products and shampoo residues aren't left behind. And before we finish, don't forget to use the conditioner. Applying conditioner will help keep your braids soft and manageable.
➭ Use a clean cotton towel to remove extra water from the braids. Don't rub the braids in between the palms of your hands. Gently pat them with the towel so that you don't mess up the braids. Leave the hair slightly damp because that way, the curls can easily form. So keep the hair dryer away!
➭ With a rat tail comb, divide the braids into small sections; around 10 to 20 small sections. Each section of braids need to be wrapped around 1 hair roller, just as you would normally use the rollers. All that's left to do is roll them up to the scalp and secure them. Use as many bobby pins as you want for each roller. Just make sure that the roller doesn't loosen on its own or come down.
➭ Use your regular hairspray (possibly not too strong) and apply it over the rollers. This is to be done while your braids are damp. This way, the curls can be formed easily and you won't have to keep the rollers in for a long time. Next, leave your braids alone to dry completely. If possible, leave the rollers till the next day (overnight).
➭ The next morning, the bobby pins need to come out first. Be very gentle as you remove the pins as they can sometimes take out hair strands along with them. Once the pins are out, unwind your braids and let them bounce in fabulous curls. After all the rollers are removed, you can style the braids as you like.
And that's basically it. All it took were few items and a little bit of patience. And, and, and... please avoid the curling iron. Instead of helping your braids, a curling iron can damage them. So keep away from the iron and just follow the safer, more effective option of rollers. And with proper care and attention to your braids, you can easily make them last for months at a time.