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How to Curl Hair Without Heat

Bidisha Mukherjee
You will be pleased to know that there are a number of safe and simple techniques for curling up hair and they do not require any heat. Go through this and you will find out how to curl hair without heat.
Women who are born with naturally straight hair wish to have a wavy effect on their hair just to look different. There are several hair styling tools such as curling irons, hot rollers, hair dryers, flat irons that can be easily used for this purpose.
The main drawback of all these tools is that heat is being applied to make the curls. Many women have apprehensions that the heat may cause harm to their hair. For this reason, they feel the need to learn how to curl hair without heat.

How to Curl Hair Without Using Heat

Women used to curl their hair even when hair styling tools were not there. Therefore, you can rest assured that it is possible to curl hair without any heat application.
Here, we are discussing one such technique where you do not have to apply heat to obtain those curls. For this, you need about 10 - 15 long strips of fabric. The width of the strip should be of one inch and length should be the same as the length of your hair. The main steps of curling hair without heat are as follows:

Step #1

To begin with, you have to detangle the hair. Ideally, hair should be slightly damp in order to set the curls properly. Comb your hair with a wet comb in order to get that damp effect on the hair. However, do not end up soaking up the hair completely with water as wetness may soften up the curls. Part the hair as per the requirement of your hairstyle.

Step #2

Divide the hair into a number of small sections and use bobby clips to keep them separate. Now, take one section at a time to make the curls. Place one end of the fabric strip near the hair roots and roll up the small section of hair around the other end of the strip to create an 'o' shape.
Make sure that the hair end remains inside the rag. Wrap the hair so tightly that the strip does not come out and the hair looks like a sausage. After rolling up the entire section of the hair, secure it at the scalp with the help of a rubber band. Follow the same technique to curl up the remaining sections of the hair.

Step #3

You have to keep the hair in curled up condition for several hours. During this time, do not take shower as curls in wet hair tend to droop down. Ideally, you should leave it untouched overnight and sleep with tied hair.
Next morning, unwind each section of the curled hair with great care. Apply some hair spray immediately so that the shape of the curls remain intact. You can brush the hair if you want only a slightly waved hair. Otherwise, if you like the tight curls then leave the newly curled hair as it is.

How to Get Instant Curls Without Heat

When you do not have enough time at hand and need instant curls within a few hours, then the earlier mentioned method may not suit you. In that case, you can try out one of the following ways to curl hair:

Method #1

You need a setting lotion and foam roller for this job. Your hair should be slightly damp but not wet. As usual, the hair has to be divided into small sections. After proper combing apply the setting lotion on one section of the hair, wrap it up with a foam roller and secure it at the scalp with a pin or clip.
After you finish rolling up all sections of the hair, dab some more setting lotion on the tied up hair. Keep the hair in this condition for a couple of hours and release them. Finally, finger comb your hair.

Method #2

Wet the hair and divide it into two-three sections. Apply mousse on each section and braid the wet hair but make sure it is not too tight. Secure the end of the braid with the help of a plastic band. Wait until the hair dries up thoroughly. Then undone the braids of each section of hair carefully.
Comb the hair with your fingers to release the curled hair and apply a light hairspray. Now, you are ready to flaunt your curls!
Certain types of hair can hold the curls better than others. So, you should not expect that your hair will hold the curl in the same way as your friend's even if you both follow the same technique.
If you find that your hair does not hold the curl nicely, do not feel disappointed. Rather, try to make more number of curls taking smaller sections of your hair. So, go and get those lovely curls and enjoy your new stylish look!