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How to Curl Hair With a Straightener

Parul Solanki
Curling hair with a straightener can help you achieve beautiful curls. Here are some tips on curling hair with a straightener that will help you get gorgeous, bouncy curls.
While the hair straighteners and the flat irons are certainly a boon for all those women with curly, frizzy hair, knowing the secret of curling your straight hair using a straightener is something that most women would die for. So can you actually curl your hair with a straightener as the fashion magazines claim?
Well, the good news, for all those women wanting the bouncy, gorgeous curls, is that flat irons can help you curl your crowning glory. The only thing is to get the method right and soon with your "bad hair day" friend, you can get amazing looking curls in no time. Here are some tips on curling hair with a straightener or a flat iron.

Tips on How to Curl Hair With a Straightener

Before you can start curling your hair, you need products like a blow dryer, professional combs without the seams, styling and heat protection products, clips, and a hair straightener with ceramic plates and rounded edges to seal and smooth the strands of hair.

Prepare your Hair

Prepare your hair for the curling process. Shampoo and condition it using good hair care products for your hair type.
For curling and styling the hair, you must ensure that the hair is completely dry. Although some flat irons claim to work well with damp hair, the truth is that excessive moisture makes it difficult for the hair to retain the style.
The best option in such a case is to blow dry your hair using a paddle brush while keeping the nozzle of the blow dryer close to the direction of the hair brush. This helps in closing the cuticles and smoothing the hair for the perfect start. Now comb the hair to remove the tangles and you are ready to start.

Applying Heat Protection

A heat protecting serum, such as the TCI Thermal Protector, helps in creating a protective barrier on the hair strands. This saves the hair from 'frizzles' and burns caused by the excessive heat of the hair straighteners. Try avoiding oil-based products that can weigh your hair down and prevent the style from setting in.

Sectioning the Hair

Now that you have the heat protecting serum on your hair, comb it, and section the hair into workable parts.
Leave the sections close to the nape of the neck from where you would start. Although it depends on the hair type, ½-inch to 1-inch sections are quite easy to work with, especially, if you are a beginner. Use hair clips to secure the individual sections of hair.

Curling the Hair

Now take a section of the clipped hair strands and place the hair straightener as close to the hair roots as you can.
Now in a gentle and fluid motion, slide it downwards while simultaneously turning the iron once or twice. Make sure that the movement is jerky and slow. This ensures tighter curls. For loose curls, make sure to move the straightener more quickly.
Continue with this for the rest of the sections, starting from the back and moving to the front. Once you are done with a section, seal the curl with a hairspray. Remember that the thinner the sections of hair, the more intense and long-lasting the results will be.
Finish off with one last layer of hairspray or lacquer and use your fingers to separate the curls and comb your hair through. A good long-lasting, flexible-hold hairspray can help you maintain the style for a long time.
Curling hair with a straightener may look easy, but achieving the look you want is not an instant process. So you need to try it a couple of times to perfect the look.