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How to Create Nail Art from Newspaper

Divya Bichu
Nail art is not as difficult as it seems, in fact, you can create wonderful nail effects at home! So, here is how to create nail art from newspaper. Yes, you read it right, 'newspaper'! Find out more about this form of nail art here.
Nail art is such a rage amongst women today. Swirly flowers and creative effects on nails, makes them look all the more beautiful and attractive.
Newspaper nail art looks super fancy and elegant. Plus it is unique from the nail art we usually get to see. It is definitely not very difficult, but actually amazing how within a few hours you can sport these wonderful newspaper-printed nails. So, what are we waiting for? let's get started.

Creating Nail Art from Newspaper

You will need...
  • Light-colored nail polish (light pink, white or beige)
  • Transparent nail polish or clear nail varnish
  • Newspaper
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cotton swabs

Step One

Start with applying the base coat. It is important to use a light shade of nail polish like a pale pink, white or beige. This is because a light shade will make the print visible and give the art work a better effect.
Allow it to dry completely. If you do not allow the nail polish to dry, there are chances that the newspaper cuttings might stick to your nails and ruin the entire nail art work, so let it dry thoroughly before you move on to the next step.

Step Two

Cut some newspaper strips. Make sure you cut bold fonts which are bigger in size than the other fonts, this will give the nail art a better effect.
Cut these strips exactly in the shape of your nails. The crosswords section in the newspaper are a very good choice for newspaper nails; even the comics section and horoscope symbols look superbly funky. You can either have the design vertically or horizontally on your nails, so decide how you want it and cut it accordingly.

Step Three

Pour some rubbing alcohol in a small bowl. In case you do not have rubbing alcohol, you can use vodka or surgical spirit.
Use of almond extract or mouthwash also serves the same purpose and in fact, using almond extract will leave your nails smelling good as well. In the same way orange, vanilla and mint extract can be used as well. However, rubbing alcohol transfers the print visibly clear.

Step Four

Finally, whatever solution you decide to use; dip your finger in the mixture and allow it to stay in there for about 10 seconds. Place the newspaper strip over your nail and wet it with the same mixture.
Press the newspaper strip firmly on to your nail and then slowly peel it off. Make sure the ink transfers completely on to your nails. If the print has transferred on to your skin as well, just use a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover to clean up your skin. Wow! You are almost there.

Step Five

Lastly, apply a top coat to your nails. This could either be transparent nail polish or clear nail varnish to add some extra shine to your newspaper nails. Make sure you use pieces of newspaper only, as the ink transfers easily to your nails, whereas it wouldn't work well with regular printer paper.
This nail art looks super classy and the technique to get it on your nails is not very difficult. So, jot this down on your weekend's to do list and flaunt those awesome nails; because vanity is fair, no apologies!