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How to Control Dandruff

Are you afraid to wear that little black dress for the New Year's Eve party due to dandruff? Learn about some ways to control it in this story.
Junelia Rodrigues
Most of us are always confused about how to control dandruff, without seeking medical assistance. Dandruff is medically known as Pityriasis simplex capillitii, it is basically shedding of the dry and dead skin from the scalp. It can be of two types either too small in size or big flakes of skin. One tends to scratch their head as the skin on the head turns very itchy when you suffer from dandruff problem.


There could be many reasons for you to have a scalp affected by dandruff, So what causes it to appear on your scalp? Dandruff can cause a lot of embarrassment to an individual in public. You may tend to scratch your head every time without realizing that someone might be watching you.
There have been instances where you find severe dandruff in children too. This happens when proper hygiene is not maintained and when children do not wash their hair regularly.
Dandruff is of two types, first - it may be dry and second - it can be greasy or waxy. When you move your fingers through your hair and find a type of small bump, it could be dandruff. Maintaining a healthy diet rich in all the nutrients required may help.
Zinc and fats when not found in adequate amount in the human body can cause dandruff eruption. The amount of oil glands, if less or in excess could also be another reason. Using a common hairbrush, comb or towel used by someone else can cause the spread of the fungus over to your head.
Too much of hair ironing, hair styling product use, blow drying could also help in a dandruff breakout.


Dandruff and hair loss go together at most times, so if you are facing severe hair fall then you should know ways to control both. The main reason you lose your hair is because you scratch your scalp when it itches due to dandruff, this in turn weakens the hair roots.
There are many dandruff treatments that are offered at hair salons and hair parlors. Many people visit these hair spas to treat the dandruff in their hair. But the charges are also very high at these places. So why waste so much money, when you can follow the best treatment at home.
Since the type of dandruff and hair texture also differs from person to person, it is very important to use the shampoo that best suits your hair. You can choose a good shampoo in order to treat and control the dandruff that has been haunting you all this while.
When you wash your hair everyday, the natural oils that are secreted from the scalp to nourish your hair naturally, are washed away. Thus, you should wash your hair every alternate day.

Home Remedies

The best home remedies for controlling dandruff include the ones that have an immediate effect and show instant results. Instead of letting your hair open when traveling, try covering it with a headscarf, handkerchief or a bandana.
This protects your hair from the harsh sunlight and pollution around. Coconut oil treatment is good to treat dandruff and is regarded as the best. Vinegar for dandruff control is also a good option, you can try using vinegar or apple cider vinegar, as it controls the pH balance of the scalp.
Eggs could be very smelly and messy to use, but if you are fine using this remedy then you can apply the egg yolk on your scalp, leave it for 20 minutes and rinse it with lukewarm water.


You don't see any dandruff on your scalp, but you may be prone to dandruff. Prevention of dandruff is extremely important as it never warns us before coming. Clary sage oil for hair is helpful in preventing dandruff and strengthening the hair follicles.
Applying a hair pack is also very effective as it reduces dandruff and also prevents it from appearing again. There are many dermatologists who would give solutions to control dandruff naturally, but just beware of all the bad solutions that are given to you by people who are not aware of what dandruff exactly is.
Remember to maintain hygiene, follow a healthy diet and be stress free always. But in cases where an individual suffers from severe dandruff, where you notice redness or swelling of the skin on the scalp, it is better to get in touch with a well-known dermatologist as he would provide you with proper and effective medication which might be urgently required in your case, since the natural remedies mentioned above will not help in curing stubborn dandruff.