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How to Comb Your Hair

Aishwarya Nirmal
Did you know that brushing your hair multiple times a day (or vigorously), can lead to problems like split ends and hair breakage? Combing hair is a vital part of our daily routine. However, how many of us are actually aware of the right way to do it? Read this article and bust all your hair-combing myths.
The hair on our body (head included) is nothing but dead protein, where our mane needs the right amount of care to ensure that it is well-kept, healthy, and tangle-free. Proper haircare can enhance the personality of a person to a great extent, boosting one's self-confidence immensely.
Have people been pestering you your whole life, passing mean things about your hair? Well, let's turn the tables and show them just how, by combing your hair the right way, you can make a difference. Devour the cake piece by piece; what I mean is, work on your hair in parts rather than as a whole. This prevents hair damage and reduces hair loss to a considerable level.

The Right Way to Comb Hair

Step 1: Divide your hair into smaller sections using a rat tail comb. Take one section and clip up the rest, so that they do not fall in the way. You can use hair clips for this.
Step 2: Hold the entire section of hair close to the roots firmly with one hand, and start combing the lower layer first in gentle strokes. The ends are the most entangled, therefore, time and patience is required on your part to separate them. Use a little oil to untangle an extremely stubborn spot, without violently running the comb through it.
Step 3: Next, comb the section that you were holding down in the previous step. Comb close to the hair roots so that its teeth lightly grazes the scalp. Take care to avoid using a sharp-toothed comb, and do not apply too much pressure while you do this. Apply enough pressure to stimulate blood circulation. Repeat the previous step for the whole length of hair, before proceeding to the next section.
Repeat the above steps for all the sections of hair, one by one. Before getting a haircut, you have to first untangle your hair by following the above specified guidelines, then spray it with water, and make sections before snipping it off. If you have curly or kinked hair, use a wide-toothed comb to prevent hair from breaking. If your hair is wavy, use a round comb, and brush in the direction of the curves. Remove clumped hair that is collects in the comb's teeth, before every brush stroke.
Do not use a comb to untangle wet hair. Do the job with your fingers after applying a serum or leave-in conditioner to soften it. A big misconception is that combing hair frequently makes hair beautiful. Let me tell you something, the more you 'tease' your hair, the more 'angry' it will get. Combing your hair too often increases frizziness, thus making it look dull. Combing your hair once a day is more than enough.
The above instructions will prove beneficial, however, for guys who want to keep the '60s retro look alive (long hairstyles), can make use of these instructions too. Stop parting your hair completely if you are trying to smoothen out tangles from the back of your head.
Whenever you wash your hair or are tying it back, pull it back carefully and pin it up, or apply a little hair gel or hairspray to keep it in place. Throughout the day, if hair starts to part, finger-comb your tresses until hair falls naturally into that particular style.
If you want to use a hot comb on your hair, you should learn how to do this from a professional, or it could leave your hair in a burnt mess.
A lot of people hate their hair because it looks unkempt even after running a comb through it. They do not realize that combing hair systematically can actually make it look good. Take the time to style and comb your hair the right way, and you'll never have to worry about a bad hair day.