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How to Color Your Hair at Home

Save money and time by coloring your hair with these simple tips!
Paisley Hansen
Coloring your hair at home can be a great way to save money while still refreshing your look and feeling renewed. Deciding you want to color your own hair is just the first step. Following these tips can help you glide through the entire process with ease.

Choose the Right Color & Dye

The first of these at home hair color tips is to choose the right shade and brand of hair dye. There are tons of options on the market these days, from vegan brands to basic kits, to full on salon-style products. Choosing the right dye for your hair type can make a big difference.
Take a mental note of your hair’s current shade, thickness, and health before you make your final decision. And always remember that, depending on your hair’s current or natural color, the color that shows on the box may look a little different once your hair is finished.

Prep Your Hair & Supplies

The next thing to do is to set aside time for the actual dyeing process. Preparing your hair by washing it a day or two before with ensure that your roots have a healthy layering of natural oils. This can help protect your hair from drying out.
Other supplies you may need might include tin foil, a parting comb, gloves, salon-style hair clips, a wrap-around cape or towel to protect your clothes, and access to a sink, basin, or shower. After you get set up, you can apply a layer of vaseline to your neck and hairline to keep the dye from staining your skin.
Sometimes, hair dye kits come with a lotion for this very purpose! Once you have everything you need, you are ready to start dyeing your hair.

Mix the Dye & Part Your Hair

This can be one of the easier steps to coloring your hair at home. Following the instructions on the package you have purchased, mix your hair dye solutions and wait the appropriate amount of time before applying it to your hair. Then, you can part your hair into sections and pin those sections back with a strong clip.
Using a parting comb can really help you divide your hair into clear sections. As you dye your hair, you’ll want to separate each of those sections into even smaller sections, to make sure you’ve covered all of your roots.

Apply the Dye

Start applying the dye when you're ready. Use either your hands (protected in gloves, of course) or a comb made specifically for hair coloring, coat your hair in the dye, starting from the roots to the ends. Take care to maintain a balance, especially if you have thick hair.
Using tin foil can be an easy way to really coat your hair well. Folding the foil down over each section after you finish can help you see what hair you have left to dye.

Wait & Then Rinse

For this step, consult your package again. It will give you a sense of how long you need to let the hair dye sit before rinsing it out. Set a time so that you do not leave it in for too long. Once you have waited the appropriate amount of time, you can rinse your hair.
Hop in the shower and let clean water run over your hair. You will see the water change color, as if it is washing out all the dye you just put in, but don’t worry! Just rinse your hair until the water becomes clear again.

Clean & Off You Go!

Further, let your hair dry on its own and refrain from washing your hair with shampoo or conditioner for a couple of hours to let the dye continue to set. Then shampoo your hair and style it, like you usually would.
That’s all it takes! Coloring your hair at home does not have to be daunting. Next time you find yourself wondering if you can do it, take a look at these steps and give it a try.