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How to Clear Up Acne

Suketu Mehta
Besides making the face look ugly, acne can also be very irritating. However, curing it is not a difficult task and can be achieved with some effort. Read the following article to learn how to clear up acne.
Everybody hates acne for obvious reasons. Eating healthy food, drinking lots of water, and enjoying a stress-free lifestyle do go a long way in preventing an outbreak. People believe that having bad skin could be the sole cause for this condition. However, it can be caused due to certain hormonal changes as well.
There are various skin care products available, which help clear up acne along with certain natural remedies. Some of them are listed below.

Chemical Products

  • There are various solutions available in the market which contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.
  • Both these acids help in reducing inflammation and improving prevention.
  • To get best results, these solutions need to be used regularly.

Zinc Supplements

  • Zinc deficiency in people is also a cause for zits.
  • In such cases, taking zinc supplements is a good way to clear up the pores fast and also boost up the immune system.
  • Zinc is an excellent solution and is as effective as antibiotics, except that it takes little more time.


  • Arguably the fastest way, antibiotics need a doctor's prescription in order to be purchased.
  • At times, using antibiotics can result in vitamin C deficiency.
  • To prevent it, eating yogurt or additional probiotic supplements along with antibiotics is recommended.
  • It is relatively easy to get a prescription for antibiotics, and it takes only a few days of usage to achieve the desired result.

Glycolic Acid

  • There are various glycolic acid-based remedy products available in the market.
  • This acid removes the marks from the skin and cleans it to prevent any further breakout.
  • Many parlors provide glycolic acid facials.
  • While using these products at home, it is necessary to follow instructions stated on the label and also apply a neutralizer to prevent any side effects.


  • Treatment creams can be purchased after getting a prescription from the doctor.
  • Get information on how to use them, as they can cause burning on very sensitive skin.

Aspirin Face Mask

  • An aspirin face mask can be made at home.
  • Crush an aspirin tablet, and mix some lemon juice in it to form a paste.
  • This paste needs to be applied on the spots or on the whole face.
  • Applying this face mask once every two weeks can surely solve the problem and help to prevent any further outbreak.

Baking Soda

  • Using baking soda is a highly effective and natural way.
  • Mix baking soda along with water to form a paste.
  • Gently rub this paste on the face, let it settle down for about 20 minutes, and then wash it off.
  • Doing this twice everyday will make the spots disappear within a week.
  • Check for any skin reaction before applying baking soda on the whole face by applying it first on a small patch of skin.

Tea Tree Oil

  • Using tea tree oil is another effective natural cure.
  • Apply tea tree oil directly on the spots, and it will kill the root bacteria.
  • This oil is easily available and is easier to apply on large areas.


  • Mix vinegar with water (1:8) to dilute it, apply it using cotton, and leave it on for a few hours.
  • Vinegar wipes off the bacteria and also helps the skin to absorb oil so that it does not get dry very easily.
  • Lemon juice can be used instead of vinegar to get the same effect.


  • Crack an egg, and remove all the yolk from it.
  • Then beat all the remaining egg whites, and apply it on the face.
  • Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes, and rinse it off with warm water.
  • Since egg is rich in protein, it helps to rebuild lost skin and also makes sure more oil is absorbed by the skin.


  • Accutane is a very potent medicine and one of the best available treatments.
  • The only problem is the side effects it brings along with its use.
  • It should be the last option for treatment, and it is also advisable to consult a doctor before using it.
It is important to note that the above solutions are not magical, and will require time to show proper effects. It is not possible to clear up acne within a day or overnight. However, a few tips are mentioned below, which will quicken the process of treatment.

General Tips

  • Thoroughly wash and clean the face with water and soap.
  • Rinse the water off the face using a soft cloth.
  • Shampoo and conditioner used for hair can also cause acne. To prevent it, wear a head wrap while sleeping.
  • Replace old pillow covers with new, washed ones, and sleep well for at least 8 hours.
  • Drink lots of water, and eat healthy fruits and vegetables to keep the skin hydrated.
  • Apply an aspirin face mask or toothpaste to cure the pimples.
If the above guidelines are followed properly and sincerely, the prescribed treatment methods should make a visible difference on the skin within 1 to 3 weeks. If the condition still persists after that, it is always advisable to consult a doctor for treatment.