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How to Blow Dry Hair

Mrunmayi Deo
If in case blow drying seems a bit difficult to you, here's a handy guide to ensure a smooth process. Read on to know more...
Most of you must be knowing the process of blow drying inside out. However, there might be few of you who are not aware of the right technique which goes into this procedure. Let me assure you that it isn't difficult at all. A little practice is going to make you as smooth as a pro in no time, trust me! Here's a guide to help you do just that.

Step #1

Blow drying hair isn't just drying your locks. You need to start off with shampooing your hair with a good shampoo, and then condition it as required. Use a shampoo which suits your hair texture, and of course, use it in appropriate amounts only.
Wash your hair thoroughly with loads of water, so that no trace of shampoo and conditioner is left behind.

Step #2

After comprehensively washing your hair, you need to start with the main process. For this, you obviously need a good dryer, so buy one.
Next, pat you hair with a soft towel in order to squeeze out as much of water as you can. Do not rub―just pat.

Step #3

Comb your hair with a large, toothed comb.
You can use a little bit of detangler if you are finding this difficult. After combing, set the dryer to hot air, high speed, and medium heat, and make sure you are using a targeting nozzle.
Now, take few strands of your hair and blow the air from the dryer onto them from the roots to the ends, holding the dryer about 6 inches away from your hair. Then, take the next bunch and repeat the process until all the hair is dry.

Step #4

Simply apply a hair-straightening gel onto your hair properly.
Then, with the help of a flat wide brush, comb your hair while blow drying. However, here, you need to partition your hair into 3-4 sections and dry each section separately.
Clip up your hair temporarily.
Alternatively, you can apply different hair gels or mousse of your choice. A round brush can also be used to make your hair fuller, and increase their volume. If you want curls, you can easily give the touch yourself.

Step #5

After you are done with all this, blow some cold air onto your hair as well. Hot air helps open the pores on your scalp, while cold air closes them, so that foreign bodies don't enter our skin.
Lastly, what you need to do is apply a hairspray to keep your hair set for longer time, particularly when you are going for a party. Finally, comb your locks.
If you follow what all is written here, you won't have to worry at all. Make sure you use good, reputed haircare products, since cheap ones can damage your hair beyond recognition. Also, while blow drying can be a very useful procedure, don't get too used to it, since regularly doing it can weaken your hair.