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How to Bleach Your Hair

Anannya Saikia
People bleach their hair for a number of reasons. They either wish to color their hair blonde or want to transform their dark hair into a lighter color. For finer results people usually visit a salon to get their hair bleached. But the same thing can also be done in the comfort of your home. Given in this story the process for accomplishing this task.
Before we go deep into the process bleaching hair, we will learn a bit about it. Hair color is a result of the pigmentation of the follicles. It occurs due to two types of melanin; eumelanin and pheomelanin. Simply put, if there is more melanin present in hair, then its color will be darker and the count is less, then it will be lighter.
Hair bleaching is the process of removal of color from the strands. Ammonium persulfate or hydrogen peroxide are the main ingredients found in hair bleach. They are also called oxidizing agents because they change the composition of the melanin in the hair by oxidation. In result, melanin turns white or colorless. Read ahead the process for lightening hair.

Things You Will Need

  • Bleaching powder
  • Toner
  • Hair color additive
  • White creme developer
  • Hair coloring brush
  • Shampoo and deep conditioner
  • Mixing bowls either plastic or glass (no metal bowls)
  • Protective eye gear
  • Shower cap
Step 1: Pour about three ounces of creme developer and two scoops of bleaching powder in a glass or plastic bowl, and mix well, till there are no lumps left.
Step 2: Now, part your hair into four sections using a section comb. Secure the partitioned hair by using clips.
Step 3: Work on one section at a time, by applying the bleach to your hair using a coloring brush. Leave a gap of one and a half inches from the hair roots and then apply the chemical to the rest of your hair.
Step 4: Tie your hair underneath the shower cap so that the bleach does not get on to your skin. Keep the coloring agent in your hair for about an hour, not more than that, as there is always a risk of chemical burns which may destroy your hair.
Step 5: The next step is to wash out the bleach with a good shampoo that has PH neutralization properties. It will also help to stop further acidic or basic chemical reactions that may occur on your scalp. This step is very necessary because this will formally end the bleaching process.
Step 6: If your hair does not turn out as desired, you can go for a protein treatment or deep conditioning, so that your strands are moisturized and less damaged.
Step 7: Repeat the process after waiting for about a week. Your hair color should become light yellowish. Two to three sittings are enough for the process. Wait for at least a week between the treatments.
Step 8: Now, it is time to tone up your hair again to get the desired shade you want, but it is recommended that you don't protein treat or condition your hair at this stage. Along with the toner, mix 30 volume creme developer in a mixing bowl and add a few drops of hair color additive depending on how golden or platinum you want the tint to be.
Step 9: Let it set for 40 minutes or as given in the directions for the toner; then wash, condition, and dry. Look into the mirror and voila! A perfect blonde.
Before you start the whole process of bleaching your hair, there are a few things you should take care of. Always wear protective eye gear, loose fitting shirt or something which you can take off easily, and never use any metal clips or utensils.
It is always better to take professional help because they have the right knowledge and experience. Look after your hair well, and don't forget to condition it from time to time.