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How to Bleach Skin

Medha Godbole
Wondering how to bleach skin at home all by yourself? Read on to find out just that.
You look into the mirror and give out a shriek of horror. Out of the blue you seem to have developed some scars from a long-forgotten rash on your face. You make valiant efforts to get rid of it and you finally succeed in conquering that dark spot. Yet, it is always not that huge a problem and the skin can just be bleached.
Our skin has color pigments which give us our complexion. Bleaching or whitening is a method through which our skin is de-pigmented, leading to a lighter complexion. There are natural as well as chemical substances used for this purpose. Bleaching your skin is pretty simple, though you would need to be careful while doing it.

Cucumber, Potato and Tomato

These are one of the most user-friendly bleaching ingredients available! You can use them separately as well as in tandem.
While blemishes on the skin are reduced by cucumber and potato, tomato adds icing on the cake with its fantastic antioxidant properties. Rub your face with the juices of these 3, let it stay overnight, and wash it off the next morning.

Potato and Honey with Lemon Juice

»  Take two small potatoes, and peel and grate them. Place the grated potato in a square portion of an unbleached cotton or muslin cloth.

»  Now, add 3 drops of lemon juice and a few drops of honey to the grated potatoes.

»  Close the cloth by bringing the corners together, holding them between your fingers.
»  Rub the cloth with the mixture inside on your face. Let the juice stay on your face for a minimum of 20 minutes before you wash it off.

»  An application twice a week of this mixture would get good results for bleaching your skin.

Oranges and Raw Milk

»  Take an orange, peel it, and let the peels dry in sun.

»  After the peels are thoroughly dried, grind them and then add raw milk to the paste. Add milk till you get the consistency of a paste.

»  Apply the paste to your face and leave it on until it dries.

»  Clean your face with lukewarm water.

Lemon Juice

»  Begin with cutting a fresh lemon in slices.

»  Apply these slices where there are dark spots, freckles, or blemishes directly.

»  Hold the slice there for around 10 minutes and then wash off all the juice.

»  You can do this once a week till you get rid of those spots.
Apart from these mixtures, you can also make a paste with all the ingredients mentioned with an addition of gram flour. This was all about bleaching skin naturally. This will certainly work, but will take some time. The advantage is that it is organic and a natural way of skin care. Nevertheless, if you want to use a chemical bleach, here is what you can do.

How to Bleach Skin at Home?

»  Wash your face clean with a mild cleanser at night and rinse with warm water and pat your face dry.

»  Apply a skin care product with hydroquinone every evening before going to bed. This chemical obstructs melanin production and does not let the skin produce the pigment needed for skin color.
»  Continue the exfoliating process in the morning. This will expose the fresh, pigment-inhibited skin.

»  Amongst other effective remedies, use a chemical exfoliant that helps boost number of skin cells.

»  Use sunscreen to avoid side effects caused by exposure to sun rays. This can reverse the impact of hydroquinone, that may increase pigment production.
This is not an overnight process and it takes a minimum of couple of weeks for the effects to be seen. Hence, you have to be patient and wait for the impact. But while doing this, the issue of safety comes up, because these are not natural skin bleaching agents.
So, instead of chemical bleaching, you should use oranges, gram flour, lemon, honey, potato, etc., to cleanse your skin. There is no need to bleach unless there are dark spots on your face that are disturbing you. Dusky and lovely skin looks ravishing, ladies, so forget fair and lovely for some time.