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How to Look Cute

Rujuta Borkar
How to be cute? A question that torments many a young hearts. An issue worth running through. Continue reading to know exactly how to be cute and make an impression.
Young hearts know that being 'cute' is one of the best ways to get noticed. And if you think about it logically, 'cute' could mean a number of things. A concept as vague as 'cute' can get difficult to explain.
Yet we labor on, 'cause when it comes to the matters of the heart, logic hardly ever plays a part. So young boys and girls (especially), and older men and women (sometimes), realize that being 'cute' is going to win them the edge and get them noticed.
Is it good to be cute, though? Sure, what could be the harm in being cute? If nothing else, it is definitely an esteem booster. Here, we will try and understand what goes into becoming cute (for yourself, or for someone special). Read on for some answers.

Ways to Be Cute

Being cute includes many things- attitude, looks, dressing, mannerism... the list is endless. Lastly, it is just impossible to decide whether what a person finds cute and endearing is something that the other would also feel the same. But we can surely set some general rules. Here's how to be cute and flirty with someone you want to impress, or notice.


Girls? Find a characteristic style to accessorize. A cute hair piece with a bunch of hair out. Nothing like a hairband to get the cute factor running. It has something to do with the phenomenon of being on the playground as kids, with frilly frocks, bows and ribbons.
While you can't go about emulating that style in middle school (and please don't), you can definitely carry the essence through cute hair dos or accessories.
Think of some other accessory you can make even cuter and use it to your advantage―like glasses or hats perhaps?
Now-a-days this work is seen―slightly untidy hair is perceived as cute. The coaxed, pulled back gelled hair look classy, but the way it just peeks out can be very appealing. The idea is to get a slight out-of-bed look.

Dress to Impress

There are some clothes that are sassy―like leather pants or halter tops or guys with white crisp shirts and blue jeans. But then there are those that have a universal cute factor attached to them.
For girls? Cute outfits like frilly tops, paired with cute skirts always seem to make a mark.
As for the guys―try keeping the first two buttons of your shirt open, or try pulling the shirt out of your pants a little and letting it be out. You might think that girls don't notice these things, but they do.

Making Pretty

Here's the deal... you have a face, make it cuter by highlighting your features. A simple shave can get a guy noticed just so easily.
And girls? A lip gloss of a subtle color that draws attention to your lips? You can also try applying a little mascara or an eye liner and get a lot cuter. Applying a fruity perfume or a more masculine musk can get you noticed just as easily and there's nothing like a whiff of it to set the cute factor in place.

It's All in the Talk

How you interact and what you say to the other, can instantly give you the cute status. Be funny, be flirty, and talk sense. You could even use some cute pickup lines or messages to make the impression last. You'll find them by the dozen on the net.


Cliché? Hell no. It works, it so works. Now imagine you have a bunch of friends who call you by your name and then someone comes up with a cute nickname for you (not sickening, cute) or finds a cute way of saying an already existing nickname. Wouldn't that warm your heart?
Why do you think guys come up with cute nicknames for their girlfriend and vice versa? That is one of the charms of getting an exclusive name for yourself. One of the best ways to be cute is to start calling someone by a sweet moniker. (But be sure that they aren't irritated by it in any way.)


You try to find whatever ways you need of how to be cute, but there is nothing, and nothing that is as good as a smile. A potent smile.
A smile can literally take away the awkwardness of any situation and make you feel warm. And if it's a dimpled smile, you're really done for. If you haven't realized the power of the smile, then we suggest you get to it right now. Cute, cute, cute.
And that's how one brings in the cute factor the right way and makes it last and linger on. These are some of the ways that you can try out, after which, it is all a matter of trial and error to see the kind of reactions that you get from people or that someone special and then change what you want.
Then again, being cute for yourself and for no one in particular is something that will give you confidence like nothing much else. Try it for yourself and see what we mean.