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How to Arch Your Eyebrows

Saptakee Sengupta
Giving your eyebrows a perfect arch is not difficult if you follow some essential tips. Read this story for the same.
Although you might have thick beautiful eyebrows, they can be shapeless. The simple thing you can do is thread your eyebrows and get the perfect shape that suits your face. Threading techniques vary as the shape and thickness of the eyebrows vary. Let's get to know the pointers that you need to know if you want the entire shaping process to go smoothly.


  • Go to a professional. Chose the right shape for your eyebrows that will be based on their thickness and natural curvature. The arch also depends on the size and shape of your eyes, and face cut. If your eyebrows are thin, just remove the extra hair in order to get this shape.
  • Carefully analyze your brow with a pencil. Put the pencil parallel to your nose to find out where your eyebrow starts and ends. Also make a rough idea how the arching would look.
  • Comb the eyebrows upwards with a spiral brush.
  • If you are capable of tweezing or threading by yourself, make sure you stretch your brows up before doing so. Began tweezing the extra hair from below and then gradually move upward. It's always better to get this done by a professional.
  • The arching comes above the pupil and the eyebrow tapers towards the end.
  • Brush off the extra hair and massage with a mild lotion to avoid redness.


A complete set of tools includes stencils (for accuracy), white soft pencil (for marking), brushes (for grooming), tweezers or plucker (for removing extra hairline), arching razors (for shaving), brow gel (to hold them), brow mousse (for volume), and brow powder or pencil (to add color).
Sometimes your brows have a natural arch. For this, you can just trim it with brow scissors. For light brows, pencil them smoothly with a brow thickener.
Waxing the extra strands is painful. Lukewarm ointment is applied across the skin and a sheet is used to rip the extra hair. It is painful and unsafe. The waxing sheet causes irritation, rashes, and painful bumps on the sensitive skin around the eye. With the right use of these tools you can get the shape you desire.

Points to Remember

  • Hold the pencil at an angle to your nose and connect it to the end of your eyebrow.
  • The arch should be carved above the eye socket.
  • Draw a line to get the accurate shape.
  • Pluck the brow in the direction of hair growth to avoid pain.
  • Start plucking from the lower brow line, near the nose.
  • Apply cocoa butter before you begin. It softens the skin and helps in easy tweeze.
  • Be careful before plucking each strand.