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How to Apply Tape Hair Extensions

Cheryl Mascarenhas
Applying hair extensions is the new norm when it comes to hair styling; besides, it's a great option when you want to add extra volume or length to your hair. Among the different techniques employed to attach hair extensions, the tape hair extension technique is a simple one, making it comparatively popular among many.
Natural hair can be given additional length, volume and even color without actually causing damage to your own hair by using hair extensions.
Hair extensions are made either using natural hair or synthetic fibers and are highly popular as they are easy to attach and can enhance the look within minutes.
What makes it popular is the fact that it comes in a variety of colors, lengths and most importantly, are undetectable under your own hair and doesn't make it appear like a mere wig.

Tape hair extension is one of the popular methods of attaching hair extensions as it involves a relatively simple process of attaching the extensions.

Tape Hair Extension

Tape hair extensions are created by stitching fine pieces of hair onto a skin weft that has a durable double-sided tape attached to secure it to the hair.
Tape hair extensions offer you an invisible and permanent solution to make your locks appear thicker and longer. The best part of tape hair extensions is that it sticks close to the natural hair, hence, making it appear as natural as ever; besides, it is comfortable and easy to maintain.

Steps to Apply Tape Extensions

☛ Before you apply tape hair extensions, you should ensure your hair is devoid of any oil or grime buildup. For this, you need to wash your hair thoroughly with a deep clean or a good clarifying shampoo.
☛ Do not follow the shampooing with a conditioner, as it will hamper the process of application of the hair extensions. Blow dry your hair completely, so that your scalp does not contain any additional moisture.
☛ Once your hair is absolutely dry, section the hair from ear to ear in straight lines/parts, like you would while coloring or trimming. Ideally, pin up the remaining hair, so that it doesn't interfere with the application process.
☛ Starting with the middle section, tape the hair extension weft into a small section of your hair such that the section of hair is not thicker and wider than the extension itself.
☛ Place another layer of the hair extension over your hair in such a way that your hair is sandwiched between two layers of hair extensions. With your fingers and thumb or a styling iron, press down the two layers, so that they stick together to form one layer.
☛ Remember that the tape will stick to the other tape and not to your hair; so, the rule to be followed is, to keep the hair section as thin as possible. This will allow the tape to be visible from beneath, thus, allowing it to stick to the next layer of extension.
☛ For better results, leave a portion of the tape free so as to have it overlap over the next extension, to give it a better grip. Avoid washing or wetting your hair for the next 48 hours to allow the tape to bond together for a long-lasting effect.
☛ To ensure that the hair extensions stay firmly attached to the hair for a longer period of time, remember to firmly press them down using a warm styling/straightening iron.

Removing the Tape Extensions

Tape hair extensions are attached to the hair using a special adhesive and the removal of the weft is a rather simple and uncomplicated process. For removing the tape extension, all you've got to do is, use a special formulated spray that will break down the adhesive. Then using a tail comb, peel open the tape, thus, detaching it from your hair. The remover doesn't damage the weft, thus, making the hair extension reusable.

Applying Tape to Hair Extensions

Depending on the care taken, the glue binding the tape extension will wear off, after which you would have to apply a fresh coat of tape to the hair extension. Follow the above given procedure to detach the hair extension. Once you are done with it, wash and condition the extension and peel off the remainder of the old tape. Keep the extension aside for drying. Once thoroughly dry, roll out a fresh new tape and place the skin weft face down on the tape. Cut the tape to fit the weft, and it is ready for reapplication.
Application of tape hair extensions for a full head will take just about thirty minutes to an hour to complete, thus, making it one of the least complicated and easier techniques of hair extension application. What makes it a hot favorite among most is that you can tie up your hair or even style it according to your wish. The only thing to be kept in mind is to keep all possible heat and conditioning away from the tape area, as it will hamper the grip of the tape.